What kind of gingerbread would you like?

Elliott has the best kindergarten teacher in the entire world – Natalie was lucky enough to have her too.  She writes a weekly newsletter about highlights from the class.  I loved this one from Wed.  It’s so Elliott.

Wednesday- We have read many different versions of The Gingerbread Man and we have talked about and appreciated the many different tellings of the classic story.  We did great writing in our journals. We filled in the blank with our best spelling… “I would like to have a gingerbread ________________.” Then the children drew a picture of what they wrote on gingerbread-colored paper with black Sharpies and white China pencils.This is what they wrote!

Amitres- brother                                         Luca- grown up

Celelia- house                                            Mackenzie- house

Charlotte- baby                                           Maxwell- house

Ella- baby                                                   Mona- girl

Elliott- megalodon                                       Ryan- Ryan

Griffin- boy                                                  Teddy- elf

Jane- princess                                            Will- spy

Kavya- bunny                                          William- megalodon

Leo- ninja


For those of those who don’t know what a maglodon is:  Megalodon (Carcharocles megalodon), meaning “big tooth”, is an extinct species of shark that lived approximately 23 to 2.6 million years ago.  Regarded as one of the largest and most powerful predators to have ever lived, fossil remains of megalodon suggest that this giant shark reached a maximum length of 18 meters (59 ft) with the average size being 10.5 meters (34 ft).


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Best siblings for Blueberry

I forgot to share this from late Oct / early Nov….

The kids have been really sweet about Blueberry coming.  Natalie kisses Blueberry everyday that I drop her off at school.  Elliott has had some great questions / comments about Blueberry.  Some of them include:

  • “When we are at school, Blueberry is going to think, ‘Where are those exciting people?'”
  • “How do the white blood cells know that the baby isn’t a foreign invader?”
  • “I wish I had a shrink ray so that I could shrink your tummy.” (So that I was more comfortable to lay on.)

Of course, Natalie is hoping for a girl, and Elliott is hoping for a boy.  When I visited Natalie’s class, one of her friends told me, “I hope your baby is a boy, so he can play with Elliott and not interrupt mine and Natalie’s play dates.”

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Advent calendar

We are excited to continue a tradition from Jordan’s family: the homemade advent calendar! Mammaw made it and our kids are the third generation to use it.  Their great great grandmother, Maude Stevenson, became quite the traveler after Alvin died.  One of her first trips was to Israel.  She brought me the olive wood star.  (I think Elliott spotted that on day 23, which he is excited about because he is the odd days and Natalie is the even days.)  We also tried out a dreidel (borrowed from a friend) so it was an inter-denominational night!


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Weekend of Natalie

We got a jump start celebrating Natalies 8th birthday with a friends party at a pottery place. The girls worked on wheels and did coil pots. They were awesome! I didn’t realize it is a two part party bc they will come back to paint them!

The pre party prep was pretty fun  we attempted cake pops  and with much improvising, they turned out! We got some yummy frosted pretzels out of the various iterations too.


Then on Sunday, Natalies dance team performed at intermission of the local

hockey team! The girls didna clinic with the UMass dancers and then performed for 40 seconds  short but challenging  at bedtime tonight, when we were sharing what we are thankful for, Nat said for being famous!!! She was so in the zone that she didn’t even hear us yelling her name to and from the ice   Even though we were the front row  very proud of these girls (and their fans)!





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Early Thanksgiving

gicen that I’m 34 weeks today (and Blueberry is the size of a cantaloupe), we opted for an early Thanksgiving in Barrington (the suburb the Linville’s just moved to). Kids loved the horses (neighbors), four wheeler, hot tub and other fun activities. Their house is beautiful.  On Sunday, my cousin Kelsey, her husband, and Lala came over for a fab feast by Kathy. We did a day in Chicago too – celebrating Natalies 8th bday at American Girl and visiting Elliotts half brother (the rhino King) at the zoo.

i didn’t get any pics on my phone but mammal and papaw were there too! Nat and Mammaw did some yummy baking! These swirly cinnamon things that we have to make again







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Boston with G and G

my parents make Met us in Boston Columbus Day weekend. We did a trolley and the Sci museum. Here are some highlights.


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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  We were blessed with great weather, so we maximized our trick or treating time.  We did our whole street and nearly all of the street next door – Ellington and Farmington are where its at in Longmeadow on Halloween!

As a kindergartener, Elliott got to where his costume all day at school.  He opted for a cuddly cow costume (which he has had for nearly two years now – he wears it in the annual Christmas play at church) because “then the 5th graders (girls) will cuddle on me.”  He was right – he said he got more hugs than he could count.  I helped out in his classrooms with Halloween station activities – and watched both kids in the Halloween “parade” (aka march on the green towards the end of the day.  Elliott’s 5th grade buddies (both boys) were super attentive to him.  Natalie didn’t seem to have as much fun – she wasn’t exactly sure what her costume was about and was a little chilly.   (She wasn’t this cute furry cat – those are her PJs.  She wore a witch dress, with no other accessories.)

Beginning the day, all cute and cuddly

Elvis was eager to challenge Darth Vader in a “Who would win?” contest.  I think that light sabor is more threatening than whatever hand gesture Elvis has going on.  Jordan was thrilled by his Elvis costume – a birthday present from his very talented mother.


We had the same Halloween decorations this year as in prior years – lights, a friendly ghost, cobwebs and some lawn ornaments.  The kids said we needed an update in future years – not nearly scary enough.  They grow so much in 2 years – scary was not okay two years ago.


My “costume” got quite a bit of attention on Facebook, given how simple it was.  The last picture is the end of the night, the kids and Jordan passing out candy.  We went through about 600 pieces in less than 2 hours.  I refuse to buy more than 4 Costco-jumbo-size bags because I don’t have the resolve to pass out candy to a steady stream of folks for more than 2 hours.  Our neighborhood was bumping for at least 1-1.5 hours afterwards; I opted for stories with my cuddly kiddos.

You can thank the Green Bay Packers for this post – Jordan is at the Patriots vs. Packers game at Gillette stadium.  I tend to procrastinate bed time sometimes when he is gone.  On that note though, I’m going to sign off.  This prego mama (33 weeks this Tues, which means Blueberry is about 4 lbs!) needs her rest.

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Field Trip and Doc Visits

I wanted to squeeze in being a chaperone on a field trip before baby #3 comes. Elliotts class went to a farm – perfect for their age: not too scary hay ride, small corn maze with two exits, small cider donuts. (Ok he would have preferred large cider donuts! But I bought some extra to take back to big sis)

And, no surprise, he was a very kind host  he picked out his tshirt to match my earrings  he insisted on sitting by me on the bus and on the hay ride  On the way back, he used my growing belly as a pillow  (Blueberry didn’t seem to mind – in fact, it was probably much preferable to his full body squish that he prefers before bed, even though he says it’s way less comfortable than four months ago)

Also in other exciting news, Blueberry was measuring a little behind during my regular check up, but good news – 2 weeks later, I had an ultrasound as a more precise measurement and she is at the 55th percentile!! 2 lbs 12 oz  I’m just over 28 weeks

in less good news Nat’s bike wheel got caught in a grove so she tipped a slightly sprained her wrist  She was brave when it happened and at the ER




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More mom time

moms and Milkshakes (Elliott’s idea)  this is a spin off Dads and Donuts at the library


we also spent a lot of time in our new minivan what a ride!

Kids love all the gadgets. I love the easy doors.


And I went solo to

open house night. Excited to see the kids work!  One sentence captured my heart. #luckiestmomeva

Now Natalie….

I gotta go to bed. Back to back soccer games tomorrow morning and I’m the assistant assistant coach for E since head coach Jordan is out of tow.

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While Dad is away…

…he is enjoying lobster in Maine. And we opted for a gourmet dinner of chocolate chip pancakes (for the first time ever)!


We also have made time for two nights of homework. I love being home and not rushed for things like this.

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