Natalie’s 1st grade open house 

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Optimus prime

The rain this morning kept E and I away from Natalie’s soccer game. (I’m really proud of her for her good spirits and trying even though her team has only scored one goal all season)

Elliott: we get mommy and elliott time. What should we do? I have a good idea 

Me: I have a good idea too. 

E: what is it?

Me: wresting (pretty confidently)

E: I have an even gooder idea. Let’s build a vehicle for Optimus prime with real wheels for Halloween. 

(In my head, oh my. This is testing every creative and engineering bone in my body)

Two hours later… we are both pretty impressed with ourselves. 

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New England Bucket List…

The Big E is a western Mass tradition. The horror stories about 1-hour traffic jams for a place 3 miles away from our house deterred us last year. This year we went on a Thurs (abandoned the morning attempt after the traffic jam began at the end of the street) and the kids loved it. 

Elliott doing sign language to me during a ride – the message was I Think you are wonderful! 🙂

A grandpa type won a huge puppy and randomly gave it to Elliott. It was right after E was turned away for being too short to go on a ride. He’s been smiling for days. (Nat was a bit jealous but has adopted the puppy too)

Aw man. Looking like she’s about to hurl. 

Who would have guessed we could spend 40 min at Vitamix display? Perfect since jordan had to hop on a conference call and it was my first day off crutches after a sprain. 

My only ride. I felt worse than E looks!

Natalie’s most important ride to go on was the Ferris wheel. Thank goodness she decided against the 100 foot drop one. Elliott’s was bumper cars. He was just tal enough for most rides at 42.5 inches – with his shoes on. 

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Pumpkin Art

Mom and Natalie do I look like a famous artist? – Elliott

Yes you do bud. Do I look like a famous artist’s student? – Natalie

Yes…. I love you Nat! (Huge grin) – Elliott

20 minutes later…

Should we have a contest to see who wins? –  Elliott

(Me. Oh uh. This has gone too far.)

We can have a 4 1/2 and 6 1/2 year old contest. – Erin

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My little philanthropist-writer

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Two Funny Stories from Elliott


Elliott: “Mom, do you know there is 1 dinosaur left on earth?”

Mom: “Wow, I didn’t know that.  Who is it?”

E: “You have to guess.”

M: “Is it your rhinoceros brother?” (Every since visiting the rhino at the Lincoln Park zoo in Chicago this summer, Elliott has an invisible brother rhino – which is fast enough to run outside the car alongside us, which makes “I spy” rather challenging when he sees something gray, but I digress.)

E:  “No, he’s a cousin to Trieratops.  Guess again.”

M: “Is it a bird?”

E: “No, that’s a cousin to Pterodactyl. Do you need a hint?”

M: “Yes”

E: “Kkkk”

All of us start guessing – Kangaroo, Cat, Koala.

E: “Do you all give up?”

All: “Yes”

E: Crocodile!!!


Elliott didn’t want to finish his protein shake at breakfast and instead wanted to move onto oatmeal.  So, he whispered in my ear:

Elliott: “Mom, I have bags inside my body and the protein shake bag is filled to the top.  I cannot fit any more inside my body.”

Mom: “How do you know you have bags inside your body?”

Elliott: “Because I have x-ray vision”


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First Day of School

PreK which is different from preschool (that’s for 3 year olds says Elliott, even though he is in a Montessori program that spans many ages) he was also surprised to hear that PreK is a nickname for Pre-Kindergarten!

Natalie is in first grade!!  She reports 1st grade is “awesome” but so far not that hard.  I’m hoping she comes how with less coloring worksheets soon. It’s driving me nuts! This girl can do more!

On Day 2 she was a little bummed that she wanted to be friends with a girl who seemed more interested in being friends with someone else.  By Day 5 She also kinda shyly told me she is the most popular girl in her class but that another girl is the most popular girls in 1st grade. I asked how she knew and she said that people want to sit by her at lunch and are bummed when they cannot. She shrugged her shoulders. Things change quickly in grade 1! 

She was happy to connect with a friend from last year after school too. 

They are growing so fast!!! Here’s a pic from 2 years ago!!

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After School

I love when I get to drop off or pick the kids up from school!!! Impromptu playground play afterwards….

We were playing various forms of Chase. Here I am a shark or sea dinosaur and I captured all the kids (E was also a sea Dino, the girls were mermaids) in jail. 

Who knows what alternative reality E is in!! Love the facial expression. 

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A day of work

Kids worked hard this morning – at the Moms Club almost mile race on the town green. 

And then this afternoon with their first lemonade (and cookie) stand. Cookies or lemonade – $1 each. Made $12 and had fun playing with friends. 

Dads in the background “marketing” (aka texting neighbors to let them know we are open for business). 

After cleaning up, we had 20 min to go to the toy store and spend our earnings – on Dino’s and stuffed animals  usually I would try to promote saving or sharing but today we just went for the fun. 

At bed time we read a book about Rubble (from paw patrol) getting three wishes. I asked elliott what he would wish for. He gave me two guesses. I said that Dino’s were real… I mean Dino’s weren’t extinct. He counted that as two and told me I wasn’t right. That surprised me. A few min later he said his wish was for more Mommies so that one when of me went to work there would be another one ready to play all the time. 

I can take that two ways – feel guilty or feel grateful. I’m taking the latter. 

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Hula Triceratops 

We went to a Hawaiian themed birthday party tonight. On the walk home, Elliott transformed into a Triceratops. Here is a pic of him running towards me to “power up” the stroller (which later resulted in him getting his head stuck). 

My sweet little boy raced all the way home barefoot – stopping for breaks for the Triceratops to block me of course. At one point he was racing me to a truck and shouted: I’m letting you beat me. I made it there first and I leaned over to give him a hug. Before I could even say thanks and give him a compliment, he said “I know” with a big grin. 

I’m such a lucky mom. 

Nat and I also cleaned out her room this weekend – hauling the equivalent of 3 laundry baskets of stuff out of there. What a pack rat! So many treasures. 

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