Day 26

Day 26. Conor has started monitoring his own temperature

(Note: we do not do this daily!!! We only did this week 1 when 4/5 of us were sick!)


Elliott has also started a 30 day lego building challenge, which he of course wants to complete in less than 30 days. (It’s a chart that has a new creation challenge each day.

and Grandma sent the window stickers that our kids love – and now Conor does too. E taught him how to do it.
Note. I still love Natalie. It’s just she rarely lets me take pics of her.

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Day 23

Epic hair cuts!  I’d say one looks phenomenal and the other looks eh-okay. The tip is to start with hair so long that it looks like an older lady’s perm.  We also had pizza, played Monopoly, went on a hike, and read stories. (This weekend feels like a weekend on repeat.)

Also did I mention Conor is obsessed with water bottles? He has taken literally every water bottle I have, which probably suggests that 1) my choice of water bottles is juvenile and 2) I’m a pushover

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Day 21. Bon appetit!

Natalie did a research project on French pastries… so we made crepes this morning! Conor kept asking for more. Bon appetit!

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Days 17 and 18

Day 17. Nat amazingly reviewed Elliott’s time telling work (her idea – shocking) and Elliott responded great to the feedback.

Day 18 stunk. We spent 2 hours cleaning off our groceries. E spilled lemonade on my laptop. It’s sitting in rice right now. And Nat took like 35 selfies to get the perfect pic to upload for a class assignment while I waited with a hungry Conor.  I’m hoping Day 19 is better  and that my laptop will start

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Day 16

Elliott: Mom, is church today going to be on a zoom thingie or just a recording?

Me: Recording. You can still wear your pajamas

Elliott: ok, good

Nat was also the Eucharistic minister and passed our Ritz crackers



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Day 15

We treated ourselves to a movie night (the Goonies from 1985 won out over my suggestion of Richie Rich) and homemade ice cream sandwich cookies after a pretty good week of remote learning. Tip: make the cookies way thinner. They were even too big for my mouth. Conor missed the treat but got super excited because he thought his remote control was controlling the TV! He is so helpful.

We also went on a hike (not a surprise) in the long meadows. We did encounter a surprise though: we found the back side of six flags from across the river. Look carefully at the photo. It was close to Conor’s nap time so he was getting fussy so we fed him on the trek back.

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Day 14

Beautiful weather. Lots of soccer, Frisbee, walks, etc.  The kids claim lots of clean-up too, but I don’t see a lot of evidence of this.

Brothers! (Conor always says Eeee for Elliott and has recently started saying “brober”

Rolling with the homies…. (Conor loves his bike but hasn’t quite figured out that its different from a stroller and you need to use core strength to stay up)

Look at my sister’s ball skillz!

Screw these bowls… my mom is finally paying attention to me!

We’ve reluctantly had to rely more on technology since the COVID crisis.  Elliott has an Alexa in his room, and its interesting to hear about his interactions with Alexa.

In the beginning…

Elliott: “Alexa, make fart noises.”

Elliott: “Alexa, how much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?” (Turns out 25 lbs.)

Last week…. “Mom, did you know that our basketballs arrived?”

Me: “No, I didn’t.  Did you open them up with Dad?”

Elliott: “No, Alexa told me.”

Me: “What, how did Alexa tell you?”

Elliott: “Well, she has this blue light that’s like a (struggles to say the word) notification.  I ask her what it’s about, and she will tell me that a package arrived with blah blah blah in it.”

This morning… “Alexa, what time is it?”  (He asked before 7 a.m. in a groggy state because he had a new lego set he was building and wanted to continue on it.)

This afternoon, Jordan walks in.  “What are you listening to?”

Elliott: “Fox News”

Jordan: “How about you try kids trivia instead?”

(At dinner, we asked him how he made his way to Fox News… he said he asked Alexa for the news and then she offered options.  He chose Fox.  My guess is that was the most memorable, easy-to-pronounce news source.  We’ll need to find a kid option; I don’t want him turning into a Trump supporter!)

On a walk this afternoon…

Elliott: “You know Mom, how like you have an allowance… I’m not sure if that’s the right word.”  (Nat and I figure out he means account.)

Elliott: “I donated $10 to help fight COVID.”

Me: “Wow, you did!  That’s great buddy!”  (I ask a few questions… I’m thinking that Jordan asked the kids if they wanted to use some of their own “charity” envelopes – we just started having them set aside 10% this year – to help COVID.  I soon learn this is not the case.)

Elliott: “Alexa asked me if I would like to donate money to COVID, so I said yes.  It had to be at least $5 so I did $10 of your and Dad’s money.  Is that okay?”

Me: “Yeah bud, that’s really great.  Let’s think about you giving some of your money too, okay?”

(Natalie, meanwhile, indignantly protests because she feels like he should have to give all from his own charity money.)


It’s all too funny not to laugh.  It’s always based in innocence and curiosity, never sneakiness or malfeasance.  It’s scary how much Alexa knows.

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Day 13

Aunt Leah Danger Ellis Busch from Alaska is teaching her nephews and nieces (including the Rob Marx cousins) about habitats and Jordan Linville is teaching piano. I get the fun tasks of organizing learning bins with the kids and making the daily learning plan.  Nat is having fun playing with Facebook messenger apps.

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Day 13 (morning)

Day 13: COVID quarantine = All my favorite people are always around and have time to snuggle and play!!!!!! – Conor

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Day 12 of 51+

Governor just announced no school until at least May 4. MA has 1,100+ cases. Conor is one guy who loves the Covid quarantine and is crushing this remote learning. He reads more books than any of us (he brought this book to J today to read!) and has discovered his belly button. Elliott and I went for a bike ride this afternoon to deliver sidewalk chalk messages to friends. And Natalie’s huge bright spot is that we set her up with Facebook Kids Messenger; she is loving it! I think the number one person she texts is her Dad, which she even admitted was a little funny because we all spend so much time together. 

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