On Wisconsin!

This weekend, Erin and I went to Madison, WI to see her cousin, Rachel, a senior at UW. Julie, Aunt Lisa, and Brett all came and visited as well, and when you get Julie and Lisa together, you know it’s going to be a fun time (ska “a hoot”).

We took in the gameday sites Sat morning. It’s pretty clear that Wisconsin is a good school to party at, but we resisted challenging any of the youngsters to beer pong.  Didn’t want to damage their pride.

Brett and I went into the game, which was against San Jose State.  UW beat them pretty soundly, but had some key errors that will cost them against better opponents like OSU.

At Camp Randall Stadium, they use the speakers a lot for popular music.  Call me a purist, but I like most the music to be coming from the band.  However, between the third and fourth quarters, they crank out the Cypress Hill song “Jump Around” over the speakers, and it is awesome.  Here’s a video of the crowd going nuts.

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