Happy 7 Months (and 5 Days), Elliott!

Elliott turned 7 months on Sat, Oct. 19.  We celebrated by tailgating at the ND-USC game!

I am 7 mo. And very wiggly.

Karen – our dear friend from college – and her family were kind enough to host us.  They moved to SB about 2 years ago.  Natalie and Elliott LOVED playing at their house.  Delia and Claire took very good care of Elliott… and Natalie loved joining in with the girls, but also loved Cormac showing her things.

When can I come back to Camp Kennedy?

(Note: Natalie wasn’t in this picture because she literally threw a temper tantrum about us leaving… she asked to stay behind, while the rest of us went back to Chicago because she so desperately didn’t want to leave.)

Girl time!

Weight/Height: No update here, but close to 22 lbs.  We used to call Natalie “chunk light” sometimes – Elliott is “chunk heavy”.  I am sore in all sorts of weird places after holding him a lot while tailgating and trying to keep up with his wiggles.  He likes to lean to the side to be silly.  He is solidly in 12 mo clothing.

Developmental Milestones:  This boy is on the move!  His sitting isn’t always 100% reliable (some tumbles), but his army crawl is in action.  He loves to scoot to get anything and everything he’s not really supposed to – favorites seem to be his sister’s shoe collection and her dollhouse.   His 2nd tooth broke through on his “birthday”.

See my two teeth!

Personality: Still as easy-going and happy as ever!

Hey, have you met my friend Hailey? Here, Hailey - feel free to chew on my squishy crab, Sophie the giraffe, or my sister's dolls

Foods: Elliott is getting to be a better and better eater – enhanced by his increasing fine motor skills.  Although we’ll spoon feed him cereal and Gerber foods, he can pick up O’s, small bites of soft fruit and peas with his meaty little hands.  He has seemed to like everything so far: oatmeal cereal, wheat cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, garden veggies, bananas, applesauce, pears, O’s, strawberries, cantaloupe.

Schedule: He is usually up between 6:45 and 7:30am and sleeping by 6:30pm.  He sleeps 3 times a day, spaced 2-3 hours apart.  Sometimes, if the first 2 naps are longer, he only has 2 naps.  I haven’t exactly figured out when and how much he should be eating, so he tends to eat after he wakes up and at dinner time with us.

(Seriously, how cute is this pic????)

Favorite Activities:  Chewing on everything and anything.  Bath time, especially when it involves chewing on a dolphin and splashing.  Crawling.  Getting into his sister’s things.  Peak-a-boo (loves, loves, loves that – and often initiates it).  Singing and dancing.  Swinging at the park.  The one thing he isn’t very into is “walking” with assistance – which Natalie LOVED at his age.

Let the hand-me-downs begin... you may recognize this hat and jacket (inside out) from Natalie in 2011... and these shoes were Trevor's in 2011 too!

Unique Traits: Hmm.. I cannot think of much to write about here.  He has a little freckle on his bum. No bigger marks (like how Natalie still has her strawberry mark on her wrist).

PLAY DATE!!!!!!!!

Today also marks my Mom’s 34 months (2 years, 10 months – conveniently, just 5 days shy of Nat’s age) of no smoking!!!  We are so proud of her and thankful for her commitment to this and love for her grandkids!

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  1. Amanda Evans says:

    22 Pounds!?! Wow, that’s only 6 pounds shy of Gretchen’s current weight – and she’s 3 1/2! You’ll be a power-lifter by his first birthday. He looks like the happiest little guy and it looks like you’re all doing great. Natalie seems to have transitioned to Big Sis with great enthusiasm.

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