Girls trip downtown – with a visit from our fav grown-up guy

A couple weeks ago, I took Elliott downtown on a bike trip to get a hat, while Natalie was napping.  She woke up before we got back and was very jealous that she didn’t get to go on a bike trip downtown.  So, we went today!  It was fab.  So much easier with Natalie than Elliott.  No need to worry about her walking away as I judiciously chain up my bike and the kids’ seat. (My awesome bike was stolen a month ago – boo.)

We also convinced Dad to meet us for a little, err… big, delicious super special treat – a 3-scoop sundae from Ghiradelli’s.  Boy, we’re going to do this again!

Mom.. enough with the pics. I gotta dig in!

OMG. Delicious. Why don't we do this everyday???

Then, Natalie and I went to the American Girls store to browse. (Her choice over Disney store).  She played with more than a dozen dolls.  Near the end, she started realizing….

Natalie:  Mama, can I take one of these girls home?

Me: No, Natalie.  We’re just here to look.

Natalie: But please Mama.  I really need one.

Me: Maybe you can ask for one for your birthday or Christmas.  For a very special present.

Natalie: But why do other girls get to take home dolls now?

Me: Maybe its their birthday

We then had a convo about how not everyone even gets a Bitty Baby (Natalie: Why not, Mama?)  I stuck to my guns.  No $120 dolls today.  Or tomorrow (as she pleaded 25 times).  In a world where she gets so much of what she wants, I do feel its good that she has to learn that she doesn’t get everything she wants, right when she wants it.  And, when we got home, she played with Elsa, Baby Natalie, Baby Ellie, her loveys and countless other things she does have.


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