Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  We were blessed with great weather, so we maximized our trick or treating time.  We did our whole street and nearly all of the street next door – Ellington and Farmington are where its at in Longmeadow on Halloween!

As a kindergartener, Elliott got to where his costume all day at school.  He opted for a cuddly cow costume (which he has had for nearly two years now – he wears it in the annual Christmas play at church) because “then the 5th graders (girls) will cuddle on me.”  He was right – he said he got more hugs than he could count.  I helped out in his classrooms with Halloween station activities – and watched both kids in the Halloween “parade” (aka march on the green towards the end of the day.  Elliott’s 5th grade buddies (both boys) were super attentive to him.  Natalie didn’t seem to have as much fun – she wasn’t exactly sure what her costume was about and was a little chilly.   (She wasn’t this cute furry cat – those are her PJs.  She wore a witch dress, with no other accessories.)

Beginning the day, all cute and cuddly

Elvis was eager to challenge Darth Vader in a “Who would win?” contest.  I think that light sabor is more threatening than whatever hand gesture Elvis has going on.  Jordan was thrilled by his Elvis costume – a birthday present from his very talented mother.


We had the same Halloween decorations this year as in prior years – lights, a friendly ghost, cobwebs and some lawn ornaments.  The kids said we needed an update in future years – not nearly scary enough.  They grow so much in 2 years – scary was not okay two years ago.


My “costume” got quite a bit of attention on Facebook, given how simple it was.  The last picture is the end of the night, the kids and Jordan passing out candy.  We went through about 600 pieces in less than 2 hours.  I refuse to buy more than 4 Costco-jumbo-size bags because I don’t have the resolve to pass out candy to a steady stream of folks for more than 2 hours.  Our neighborhood was bumping for at least 1-1.5 hours afterwards; I opted for stories with my cuddly kiddos.

You can thank the Green Bay Packers for this post – Jordan is at the Patriots vs. Packers game at Gillette stadium.  I tend to procrastinate bed time sometimes when he is gone.  On that note though, I’m going to sign off.  This prego mama (33 weeks this Tues, which means Blueberry is about 4 lbs!) needs her rest.

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