Weekend of Natalie

We got a jump start celebrating Natalies 8th birthday with a friends party at a pottery place. The girls worked on wheels and did coil pots. They were awesome! I didn’t realize it is a two part party bc they will come back to paint them!

The pre party prep was pretty fun  we attempted cake pops  and with much improvising, they turned out! We got some yummy frosted pretzels out of the various iterations too.


Then on Sunday, Natalies dance team performed at intermission of the local

hockey team! The girls didna clinic with the UMass dancers and then performed for 40 seconds  short but challenging  at bedtime tonight, when we were sharing what we are thankful for, Nat said for being famous!!! She was so in the zone that she didn’t even hear us yelling her name to and from the ice   Even though we were the front row  very proud of these girls (and their fans)!





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