Florida in February

We scooted out from MA for February break week (well, actually two days before).

Thursday: Swimming at a super cold Yacht Club.  And a trip to the beach, I believe.  And then a trip to Mammaw and Pappaw’s pool tool
Friday: Trip to the Jettys.  Saw dolphins!  And, E&J date night for Valentine’s Day.  Woot woot!!  N&P stayed back with the kids, concluding the night with some Home Alone 2!
Saturday: Nana & Natalie did morning stretch yoga on the beach.  Trip to Sharky’s beach with Chucky and Therese, who moved to Sarasota last summer.  Highlight… We were on the pier and a fish tugged hard on a fishing pole.  Elliott says, “I think its a shark!”  (We all thought he was wrong… until a fisherman agreed.  I thought it was a catfish.)  Elliott says, “I think its a baby hammerhead!  (I thought the chances of him identifying a small shark were slim, but I was wrong on that too!)  Then, Elliott kept say “aw, look at that baby hammerhead.”  He was thrown back in, but not before we got a good look!
Sunday: Lunch at Snook Haven.  Saw an alligator in the creak!  Plus, swimming at Uncle John’s and family pizza dinner with cousins!
Monday: E&J kayak trip (more dolphins) and more beach time.  In the morning, everyone went to the beach except Elliott and me.  He wanted to stay back and read in bed, like “the good ol’ times.” He also read, Where the Wild Things Are, to me.  I’m so impressed!
Tuesday: Climbing the banyan tree + a mini golf date with N&P!  (Yay!  I type this while Conor sleeps and they are on their way to golf.)

Below are pics from the week, in no particular order and with an over-emphasis on Conor (sorry!)  He is also definitely walking all over the place.  People are enjoying his toddle, his red hair, his laugh (he loves to laugh after other people laugh) and chunky thighs.  He is enjoying rings, balls, blueberries and stroller rides.

Big Papa’s got his Nana and his blueberries – that’s a good day!

Rockin’ with my rocking dada!

Anybody up for a game of catch? (note: Ball is one of C’s favorite words and objects)

This cuddly lady looks so familiar, but I cannot quite place her.

OMG! I’m driving! Let’s go on the golf cart again. (In real life, he points at the golf cart and says “oooo.”)

Hmm… how can I get all that fountain water into this cup? Or that cup?

I’m a beach babe. (Actually, I’m a sitting-on-the-blanket kinda babe b/c I don’t care for the sand or cold ocean water)

I love my valentines!

It takes muscles to hold my beach bod. (This is Uncle Chucky)

Do we have a story to tell you… (this was taken moments after the hammerhead shark incident!)

Climbing the 50-year-old banyan tree knocked out my teeth. (JK – those two top missing teeth are due to a wresting match with a BFF and a cucumber)

Wait a sec…. gotta pose. A girl has gotta look good while climbing

Ah! For real, these alligators at Snook Haven are no joke!

Ah! Run! I saw a real one in the creak!

Why are we posing for a pic when there is a for real alligator behind us (look at the back right)

I love me some venison! (aka Fawny)


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