Baby Ellie

Natalie got Baby Ellie for her second birthday.  She took such good care of her baby.  One time, we went to Florida and Baby Ellie stayed at home.  She spent over 30 minutes comforting Baby Ellie and Baby Kathy.  Watch this video:

A few weeks ago, Conor tore into Natalie’s American Girl doll area, which hasn’t been otherwise used much.  He’s not quite as natural at taking care of Baby Ellie as Natalie, and Natalie has done a good job being patient with Conor.  Sometimes, instead of putting her in the crib, he puts her perpendicular and she’s laying on the cross bars.  Other times, he gets mad at her when her eyes are closed (which is every time she is laying down).  Often, he gives Baby Ellie to me to take care of, as if I need another thing to hold.

Conor and I went on a walk this morning.  Here’s all the different ways he cared for her.  The pics didn’t upload in the right order

3. There, there, baby. I gotcha.

4. Gotta run. See you later.

5. You’ll be safe in there.

1. How can you turn your head around 180 degrees?

2. I’m a good daddy

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