Mothers Day cards

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Elliott’s name

“I colored in the O of course because that’s how it is!”

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Natalie’s letter

“I think that God just appeared and I think that God and Jesus made us and sended it to our Mom” by Natalie

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The Cape

Fun week at the Cape! Our classically New England vaca. Highlights were fresh lobster and seal-watching in Chatham (props to Bill for finding that place!) and Mayflower beach in Dennis. And the kids loved the pirate ride in Hyannis and the indoor jacuzzi and outdoor shower at the house!

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Yada yada yada

Becky, my Mom and I are here for a girls weekend trip. We miss Leah who is thousands of miles away in the arctic circle. Jordan was here for work so I drove down with the kids too and they joined for <24 hours of the trip too. I told the kids my friends from college were visiting so they were literally in shock when they saw Aunt Becky and Grandma in our hotel lobby. 

Fun Aunt Becky taught Elliott an add-on to paper rock scissors. Bulldozer and bitterly too. 

Our very own superhero held up the Statuenof Liberty in his palm. Aided by the fact that Brainac used his shrink ray on the monument. 

Proud to be raising two feminists – as jordan says, Ournoldest is equally defiant. 

We tried to explain 9-11 in kids terms. They asked a lot of good questions. Hard to share that part of our nations history with them. 

Sat am included a quick trip to the plaza hotel and Central Park. 

Then Jordan and the kids left. (Roro was left  in my purse – oh no!). We biked our way through Central Park and to Toms Restaurant (Seinfeld), per Beckys suggestion. Great way to see the City!!

Props to Mom and Becky for great taglines here: 

“Walking in NY… yada yada yada…. went to Toms Diner”

“Biking to school, just like the good ol’ days” (in front of Columbia Univ instead of Mac Arthur Elementary!)

We also went to a Times Square around 10pm. What a site. Now we are off to explore Midtown and hopefully go to mass. I appreciate that Becky and Mom took two flights to be here, that Becky left her three adorable kids and that Rob watched her three adorable kids!

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12 years

We celebrated by marching in a Puerto Rican Festival parade (Nat was a champ at candy distribution) and biking to an iconic Italian restaurant in Springfield. 

We usually do something for our anniversary rather than exchange gifts but broke the rule this year… 

Anniversary gifts: 5 years = Bikes, 10 years = trip to Aruba, 12 years = Weight bench and weights. 

Kids are obviously loving it! 

(And I actually do too – significant additions to our at-home gym which previously only had yoga mats and resistance bands. thanks Jordan Linville!)

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I know you weller than anybody

Elliott calls, “I went pee and poo!”

The baby-sitter is here, but I’m closer to him, so I say “I got him”

Elliott, “I knew you would come Mom.”

Me: “You know me so well”

Elliott: “I know you weller than anybody” (meaning more than Natalie or Jordan know me)

Me: Chuckle

One min later, Elliott: “Can you get my underwear the right way?”

Me: “Sure bud, see its almost there”

Elliott: “Thank you Butt-Loaf” (which we discovered is an animal in his opinion, aka a buffalo)

The joys of motherhood and childhood – I’m glad I’m working from home this aft!

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WI time!

We had a wonderful trip to WI too! Green Bay to see G and G and Becky and fam!  And Sun Prairie to meet my new nephew Xander – and see his parents parenting like champs!

My parents bravely watched all five grandkids so Becky and I could go out on our first double date with our Hubbies!!! Natalie was “13 weeks” in utero at Beckys wedding so it’s been a busy 7 years prego or parenting between the four of us!!

Natalie also explained to Trevor that “Bay Beach is even better than Disney World!” (Maybe bc the lines are shorter and she can go on nearly everyone – I’m pretty sure she won’t feel the same way when she’s 8)

And the kids loved time with their cousins. Total goofballs 

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6.5 year olds are pretty exasperating too

It’s not too easy living with a 6.5 year old at times either – but I know I will miss this one day!

1. Constantly whispering in my ear to make sure that I know that something Elliott is saying (eg he is as fast as Flash or he is taller than Natalie) isn’t true

2. Insisting that it’s embarrassing to play with me at the park when other kids (in Sun Prairie WI where the only people she knows are 0, 29 or 31)… to then play fish fishy cross my ocean with 3 grown ups and her brother 20 feet from the playground 

3. Empatically telling us “you don’t understand me; you don’t respect me” when we have left her brother two flights of stairs away to listen to her, are practicing our pre-marriage counseling listening skills and just happen not to AGREE with her (since “respecting her” is really putting down her brother)

4. Trying to give her more independence to spread cream cheese on her bagel – only return to find out that all the cream cheese is gone and fully digested 

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All I can do is sigh

It’s very interesting to share your life with a four year old. Some things from the past couple days:

1. Getting in the car after going out to eat (with half of his chicken nuggets not eaten bc he swore he was full), “Mom I’m hungry”

2. Not being able to walk to or from the beach bc “my legs are out of energy”… despite sprinting (like the Flash) at top speeds down every hallway at the hotel

3. “Hey butt-loaf!”  (Then explaining that’s a type of animal – and is figuring out he means buffalo)

4. Making Jordan close his eyes while he waits for Elliott to pee. And then promptly getting off the toilet and striking a Gladiator like pose – 100% in the buff

5. Kissing Natalie’s bear good night (? maybe to procrastinate, maybe because she’s not in the hotel room right now)

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