Happy Birthday!

Our little Nat bug isn’t so little any more. She turned 7 on 12/19 – and promptly lost her 7th tooth!! Her big gift was a telescope – she is def interested in science. Uncle Mike got her cool crystal geodes and G legos! And Nana made a dancers dress for her and Stella. It’s gorgeous. Lucky lady!Sadly I see to not have any pics. We did get our nails done Friends bday party is in June.

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Christmas tree is trimmed!

The weekend before last, we went to Silver Bell Farms for our selection of the Christmas tree. Last year we went and had so much fun. For the first time in my life, I had actually cut the tree down.

So I was pretty bummed this year when we pulled up and found they were not doing cut-your-own this year. But we still had a great time. While the kids (and Erin) picked out a much smaller tree than I would have, they were happy with it so I was happy with it. We then played on the playground, the hay bales, the tractors, and the hill. Elliott and I spent a good 15 minutes acting like gorillas rolling down a hill*. We then had cider donuts, hot chocolate, picked out ornaments, and played with Legos.

Pretty great day! And the upside of a tiny tree was that it was easier to put on top of the car.

* At the end of the day, Elliott had dirt, hay, sand and chocolate all down his track suit. The next day, he came down for pre-K wearing the same track suit, which he had pulled from the hamper. Stylish.

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Springfield Thunderbirds Hockey

This is Jordan. Just posting some pics from hockey night at the Springfield Thunderbirds Hockey game.

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Mommy – Son date to the CT dinosaur state park!

img_6390.jpg img_6388.jpg

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Christmas Tree selection day

We got our tree today and played around at the farm! Kids really figured out how to cruise on those tractors. Elliott explained he was eating bread that he grew on his farm. Hahaha


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Last year

This photo and caption popped up on my FB news feed. I still love it.


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Glass half full

Benefits of a long layover at O’hare…..

Seeing Nana and Pop for an hour!


It was nice of them to spend hours of their day for just an hour with us. But let’s be honest, what’s better than hugs from the two cutest kids???

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GB time

All 3 sisters – and their spouses, kids and pet-kid – were together in Green Bay for Thanksgiving and Leah’s bday (okay an early celebration).


– a yummy thanksgiving dinner that I didn’t help out with at all (thanks Rob for everything except Beckys sweet potatoes)

– a thanksgiving hike behind Becky’s house


– a trampoline park

– a lot of Scrabble – we are turning Natalie into a protege!

– just playing around the house

– sisters dinner out (thanks G and G for babysitting!!)

– picking up Trev at school (what a hug!!)

– finally getting a hug from Kenzie!


(Grandpa learning what is on Elliott’s wish list -I’m saying no to the full size $300 robot!)


(What a treat to be a Sah-aunt for an afternoon pick-up! Becky says I’m hired as their nanny!)


(Natalie discovered my 10-year collection of 30+ Precious Moments!)

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Polar Express

Early Christmas present from Grandma!!! Kids LOVED the hot chocolate and getting their tickets punched by the conductor.

Funniest comments:

Elliott: I think we are just going around in circles.

Grandpa: Now I know what the Jews felt like going to Aushowitz (I’m so sorry for the crude comment but by the 5th lap, squirmy kids, and the same cardboard cut-out “wolves” we passed, it felt ok for a grown-up to say)

img_6335.jpg img_6319.jpg img_6326.jpg img_6329.jpg img_6331.jpg img_6328.jpg img_6332.jpg


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Ice Kids

img_6240.jpg img_6238.jpg img_6234.jpg img_6235.jpg

Jordan somehow convinced E to try hockey. The main draw is the awesome equipment – knee pads, shoulder pads, chest cover, cup, etc – he makes superhero fighting sounds when getting geared up.Nat has liked ice skating for years now but we only go 1-2x per season. This week she went twice! She can skate without hanging on. This pic was from earlier in the week. She is improving leaps and bounds. I’m trying to get her to sign up for the hockey programs learn to skate – for more conveniently scheduled ice time.

Auntie Leah would be so excited!

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