Overpriced but still a good way to spend an afternoon!  Very few people present due to covid and midweek. VR was a highlight for the kids. I just loved to hear the conversation in the back seat on the way here. Kinda felt like a mix of a National Geographic for kids TV show and Harry Potter book.

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Hide and seek

Playing hide and seek with the second graders at the end of Faith Formation. They were nice to not find the short redhead first. 

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At-home COVID-safe 8 year old birthday

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First Reconciliation


Click on the link to see the video

we are so proud of Elliott for completing his first reconciliation and even reading at the service. He practiced his prayers and is a second grade star pupil (his teacher thinks so!)


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Random Feb pics.

Top photo  bedtime cuddles

second photo  loving the Valentine stuffed animals from Nana and Pop

third photo  Conor not sharing the toilet with me  thank goodness the cleaning ladies came earlier this day

fourth photo  cookie making!

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Grandma time!

We haven’t seen Grandma in four months so thankful for 6 negative COVID tests that allowed us to be together. It’s been pretty chilly- but not as bad as many places. Regardless we just have stayed inside. Tons of games – Clue, checkers, Apples to apples, chocolate candy lane. And Grandma did baketivity kits of Whoopie pies and pudding pops. Don’t forget lots of truck time too!

(last picture is Conor hiding in a container of ginger snaps in hopes that no one will take them away from him!)


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Snow Fun

8-12 inches of snow have fallen in the last week so we have tried to make the most of it. I took the older two kids sledding for the first time in years. I definitely skipped out on prego and newborn sledding these last couple years. The kids made great snow dens. Conor vacillates between liking the snow and getting frustrated that it’s hard to walk in. He looks so cute all bundled up. Well they all do!

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Day date!!

I’m sure not sure Jordan and I have ever had a 9am start to a date… it was great!! Cross country skiing (recommend the golf course instead of hiking trails) and lunch in the van. 

the best part of the date was 12 hours later – Jordan shaved his 2021 beard and instantly became 5 years younger and 3x as handsome. I noticed instantly but the kids haven’t yet. They were distracted by ice cream sandwiches and the BFG movie.

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Hot chocolate bombs

So one person in this house isn’t into the hot chocolate bomb fad – he was upset that the warm milk was melting his chocolate so we had to change course. With Jordan Linville

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Honoring MLK day

On our way to get COVID tests this morning, since we just got back from traveling, I heard about a poetry challenge on NPR, based on the Langston Hughes poem that inspired Dr. King’s I have a dream speech.
I talked about it with the kids today… here’s what we came up with.  I think you can still contribute too!

I dream a world of peace, not a world of war.

A world of peace mountain high,
down to the deepest ocean blue.

And hopefully people will see too,
we can all get a long,
a world where we will right our wrongs.

Sun and moon gaze down on a practically perfect early,
a world where no fighting can be heard.

Love drives out hate, and enemies can become friends.
Oh I hope this world, oh I hope this world, will never ever end.

Elliott had a line he’d like to contribute:
I dream a world where the sun gazes down on a perfect earth, where no troubles exist.
So did I….
I dream a world where a different opinion is a starting point for a conversation, rather than the end.
I dream a world where being a leader means lifting someone up, not tearing them down.
I dream a world where we eliminate the racist not racist binary, thus allowing us to confront our bias.
I dream a world where systemic racism becomes more visible to white people too.
I dream a world where the coronavirus is controlled and our children can learn and play again.
I dream a world where the terrors of day and night subside.
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