Poop ducks

Poop ducks out Mommy?  This is the park that Conor and I go to on our bike ride home from school  we like to watch tennis  spin around  play one for the money on the swing and meet friends  one time we stepped in duck poop


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Enjoy the moment

this is the crew that Elliott walks or rides bikes with to school each morning. (1 4th grade boy, a third grade boy, a second grade boy and née to the crew this week – a first or second grade girl) I was on a run when he was getting ready for school so I caught up with them to give Elliott a morning hug. They were amazed by the awesome cloud formation and all stopped to take a pic of it on their school iPads.

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So close to WI

We are so close to WI that the ice cream shop in town has Superman, Blue Moon and Mackinaw Island Fudge! All big kids ordered Blue Moon. Conor asked for “white ice cream”.

last pic is unrelated to the post but shows what Conor likes to draw with chalk – not unicorns or rainbows or dogs or trucks. But sausage pizza. He also discovered at Nanas that he likes pepperoni too. He asks for pizza about every night.

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I being funny

Conor’s newest joke is giving me a hug but not wrapping his arms around me. He just puts his body in mine and has his arms shoot straight out. “I being funny.”

his first joke of “I’m pizza” has expanded to be hilarious other items like “I’m trampoline!”  ?

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Trying to capture a fire day of school pic

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Cape Cod Baseball

We cheered for the Hyannis Harbor Hawks because they signed three balls for the kids. One was a foul ball that Trevor caught! For the price of no admission, I managed to spend a lot of money. Good thing Jordan gave me some cash!!

Whoops. Just had to ask my mom for a loan! Elliott told me he was hungry. All he had for dinner was potatoes

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Eastham with the Green Bay crew

It’s a year late but my family finally made it to Cape Cod!  We are in a quiet area called Eastham in the outer cape. The tide goes way out here which I love. We also saw seals in Chatham. Cousins are having a great time. they are getting used to Conor saying no to everything. No cute. Not big guy. No little man. Just Conor. Conor just asked me to do a fire. It’s 88 degrees outside at 3pm. I said maybe later.


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A lot of personality

this is a quintessential Conor moment

1. Elliott’s backward baseball helmet

2. sunglasses

3.  Blue Batman shirt (not the black one)

4. No pants

5. Use of food coloring

6. Outside

7. I want more!


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Ages and stages

This made me laugh  conors daycare filled out a developmental questionairre on him  

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Happy first communion!

Elliott had his first communion on Sun May 23. It was supposed to be three weeks prior but we had a covid case in my faith formation class. The bright side is it was small and intimate. Only 6 kids. Everyone played a role – in fact Elliott played two because he wanted to bring up the gifts (since pre-covid he helped me as Eucharistic minister) but we also needed a reader. My mom was able to come in too. He was a star student and we are all so proud of him.

It was 90 degrees or so  so hot.  Since we couldn’t have much family in, we were lucky to invite his two best friends Teddy and Ethan over for ice cream cake and pizza  Fr CJ came too



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