Trying to capture a fire day of school pic

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Cape Cod Baseball

We cheered for the Hyannis Harbor Hawks because they signed three balls for the kids. One was a foul ball that Trevor caught! For the price of no admission, I managed to spend a lot of money. Good thing Jordan gave me some cash!!

Whoops. Just had to ask my mom for a loan! Elliott told me he was hungry. All he had for dinner was potatoes

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Eastham with the Green Bay crew

It’s a year late but my family finally made it to Cape Cod!  We are in a quiet area called Eastham in the outer cape. The tide goes way out here which I love. We also saw seals in Chatham. Cousins are having a great time. they are getting used to Conor saying no to everything. No cute. Not big guy. No little man. Just Conor. Conor just asked me to do a fire. It’s 88 degrees outside at 3pm. I said maybe later.


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A lot of personality

this is a quintessential Conor moment

1. Elliott’s backward baseball helmet

2. sunglasses

3.  Blue Batman shirt (not the black one)

4. No pants

5. Use of food coloring

6. Outside

7. I want more!


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Ages and stages

This made me laugh  conors daycare filled out a developmental questionairre on him  

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Happy first communion!

Elliott had his first communion on Sun May 23. It was supposed to be three weeks prior but we had a covid case in my faith formation class. The bright side is it was small and intimate. Only 6 kids. Everyone played a role – in fact Elliott played two because he wanted to bring up the gifts (since pre-covid he helped me as Eucharistic minister) but we also needed a reader. My mom was able to come in too. He was a star student and we are all so proud of him.

It was 90 degrees or so  so hot.  Since we couldn’t have much family in, we were lucky to invite his two best friends Teddy and Ethan over for ice cream cake and pizza  Fr CJ came too



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Pottery Date Night

Natalie and I had a fun date night at a pottery making place. She had her 8th bday at a place like this and always wanted to go back to make more pottery. She was focused while we were there and then exuberant in the car on the ride home. I really appreciate the time with her. 

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May pics

There is so much joy and busy in our lived so I seldom blog. Here’s stuff I’m trying to remember. Conor loved to wear Elliott’s baseball helmet backwards and now has his hand me down “mitten” (aka mitt)

Conor tells us no for everything. This morning I said hi. He said no hi. Natalie says you’re my buddy boy. He says no boy. I say that’s E’s bus. He says no E’s bus. (It is!)

natalie had a great soccer game today. She is dribbling the ball more. She kept the ball in bounds which resulted in a throw in which led to a goal. Grandma is in town and could watch.

we had yummy Collins compost at Collins creamery. It’s brownie ice cream with Oreos. Yum. E and I made the right choice  it’s the ice cream place that smells like cows 15 min south of us in CT

Elliott has been growing his rat tail since the start of covid  he calls it his life source  I need to try to figure out how to braid it for first communion tomorrow

our favorite book series right now is wings of fire  who would have thought I could get into dragon mystery  ? I’m six books in!

Jordan and I got a long weekend in Ogunquit Maine. We were supposed to go to Portugal last year for our 15 year anniversary. This was our makeup trip. I wanted to stay within driving distance of the kids. It was the best. I want to go back.

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Overpriced but still a good way to spend an afternoon!  Very few people present due to covid and midweek. VR was a highlight for the kids. I just loved to hear the conversation in the back seat on the way here. Kinda felt like a mix of a National Geographic for kids TV show and Harry Potter book.

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Hide and seek

Playing hide and seek with the second graders at the end of Faith Formation. They were nice to not find the short redhead first. 

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