First Birthday Party: Episode One!

Hey – it’s Jordan.  I’m back on the blog posting train after 5 or 6 mos away!

When in Florida at the end of November, we not only celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas, we also celebrated Natalie first birthday!  It was quite the affair.  The whole Stevenson/Hinshaw crew came over to celebrate.  Natalie was a little overwhelmed at first and didn’t know what to make of the cake, but after a few nibbles of icing she got into it.

Everybody says it, but it is difficult to believe how fast that first year goes.  A year ago, it was a big deal to open her eyes, but now she can:

  • crawl
  • talk
  • walk (with assistance)
  • clap
  • waive
  • feed herself

Some pics below!

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