Fun morning with Daddy

I didn’t get to see Natalie before I left for work this morning, but did receive a fun email date from Daddy.  (Yes, Natalie seems to have traded in “Dado” for “Daddy” most of the time.  Jordan resisted at first – he liked the uniqueness of “Dado,” but her voice is just so cute when she says “Daddy,” that he quickly warmed up to it.)

Nat and I had a really fun morning.  She ate a big breakfast and then we took a bath.  Where did that dolphin toy in our bath tub  come from?  She saw it floating there, stared for a minute, and then pointed and said, “no, no!”  With a very concerned look.  It was almost like there was an intruder!  We also spent some time looking at the ornaments on the tree and she really liked the nutcracker ballerina that spins around.  When I told her that I wouldn’t be home tonight and that mama would pick her up, she repeated what I said like three times and then goes, “mama and pinto.  pick up.”  Hah!  How cute is that?  I said, “Why yes, Pinto will be picking you up, too!”

Since Daddy needed to work late tonight, Natalie wrote him a message to post on the door for him:


I imagine the message hits some of our highlights from tonight, like her matching her hand print to a hand print mold that she and Jordan made (“Yeah – I did it!”), telling him about the fun dance party she had with Kieran at school today on the circle rug and tattling that I took away her wooden egg and spoon after she threw it on the ground.  (That was incredibly upsetting this evening.)  And, an “I love you” and “I’ll see you in the morning” too.

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