4-Month Weigh-In

Elliott had his 4-month check-up today.  He is NOT a small boy!

Hey there! Just playing a little bit of doc with my Big Sis!

Weight: 18 lbs, 4 oz (90-95th percentile) vs. Natalie at 16.5 lbs (96th percentile) – I guess boys are expected to be larger at this age

Height: 26.5 inches (95th percentile) vs. Natalie at 24 inches (43rd percentile)

Head Circumference: 17 5/8 inches (98th+ percentile)

Elliott’s weight and height percentiles are actually slightly lower than they were at 2 months.  I found out we haven’t been feeding him enough during the day when I’m at work…. we had asked the nanny just to give him 3.5 or 4 oz a feeding, but it should be 5-7 oz.  I’m hoping that explains some of his ravenous (and painful) feedings, as well as the increase in night feedings.  I will need to start supplementing with formula soon, as I just cannot bring myself to pump 3x a day at work.

Big Sister Natalie accompanied Elliott to the doc.  After checking out his heart and ears, Natalie gave him a back tickle while we were waiting for the doc.  She wondered what those “wrinkles” on his back were… aka fat rolls.

What are those wrinkles?

Natalie loves going to the doctor and dentist (see below for some dentist pics from early July that I never posted), so she didn’t like her brother being in the spotlight.  Thankfully, Dr. Summers checked out Natalie’s cold and said that she would be okay.

So thankful and lucky to have such healthy kiddos!!!!! 🙂

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