2 days left….give or take

Below is a picture of Erin at 39.5 weeks, which was actually two days ago. Today is Monday, December 13th and our official due date is this Wednesday, December 15th.

39.5 weeks and looking good!

Not sure what that really means, but I know that it’s going to get lively somewhere between 2 hours and 2 weeks from now!

It’s sort of like a crucial NFL game where they send it up to the booth for review and you’ve seen the replay five times but the officials are still taking way longer than you think they should.  Only the booth is a uterus and the game is a baby and the head official is your wife, who will probably accuse you of making really bad metaphors.  But if she did she would be wrong because it’s a simile.  It’s sort of like that.

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One Response to 2 days left….give or take

  1. sara says:

    Haha. Love the simile or metaphor or whatever it’s called. You guys are getting SO close.

    Erin, you’re making pregnant women everywhere jealous – you look gorgeous!

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