Everyone’s Favorite

My family came to visit over Christmas.  My mom had bought Natalie a cute Christmas outfit, which said “Santa’s Favorite”.  Turns out that Natalie was Everyone’s Favorite this Christmas! 

Aunt Leah and Aunt Becky even made t-shirts.  Look at Natalie’s funny facial expression!

Grandma Julie and Grandpa Dave were pretty smitten too – my Dad is holding Natalie’s foot like a trophy!

We had a wonderful visit – and everyone was so helpful…. Dad, Becky and Rob packed up our completely dead Christmas tree; Mom, Becky and Leah each woke up early one morning to hold Natalie so that we could sleep longer; they stocked our fridge; Mom did laundry, etc!  God bless family.  They came just in time.  Without their help, we would have eatend canned soup for Christmas dinner, had many more t-shirts with burp stains and would have been a lot more exhausted.  Who knew that taking care of a little one would be a 2+ person task?!?!

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2 Responses to Everyone’s Favorite

  1. sara says:

    Natalie is so sweet – I love that top picture with the Christmas package. And I love all of the coordinated, homemade shirts!

    When Jas was a little guy, I couldn’t believe that people would ever have more than one kid on purpose! 🙂

  2. Stace says:

    Ha! I absolutely LOVE the picture of Dave holding her foot. That’s hilarious! Isn’t it the best when people help you out with those little things? I remember what huge tasks they seemed like!

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