Natalie – Day 1

The first official day of parenthood has gone pretty well for everyone.  Hopefully, Natalie would agree.  I will spare everyone the full labor story (ask Erin if you’d like the play-by-play) but the summary: we went in at 11:15pm on Dec 18th and Natalie was born at 11:40am on the morning of Dec 19th.

Erin baking her way through contractions

Overall, the nurses and staff at Evanston Hospital have been fantastic.  Special shout outs to Dana and Vicky for all their help.  Below are a few pics from yesterday right after the birth.

First Family Portrait

Natalie less than one minute old

Who stayed up all night? We did!

Last night, Grandpa Julie and Grandpa Dave came down from Green Bay to visit.  Natalie was very happy to see them, as indicated by her lack of fussing and funny noises.  As if all the cutesy pink outfits, baby booties, and other baby schwag doesn’t show the spoiling she will get, Natalie is also the first grandchild on both sides.  Yikes.

Grandma Julie and Grandpa Dave

Grandma and Grandpa came this morning as well to spend some time with her before heading back up north.  Over the next month, Natalie is very much looking forward to meeting Nana and Pop as well as all of her aunts and uncles.  Hopefully, she likes being passed around!

We will be in the hospital until tomorrow morning.  Everything has been going very well, from Natalie’s health to her ability to nurse to her parent’s energy level.  It will be a pretty incredible two weeks ahead with all the visitors and Christmas coming together at once.  Throw in the football bowl games (including an inevitable Irish win), and I’m not sure Natalie will even be able to handle all the excitement!  Thanks to everyone for the well wishes, prayers, and support.

Cheesy Hoosierhead!

Mommy and Me - don't we both look great after all that?

"These cheeks are like soft pillows. Thanks Dad!"

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4 Responses to Natalie – Day 1

  1. Oh my gosh THE CHEEKS! Those are impressive. And you all look so great and so happy and oh man…I’m jumping in my chair! 🙂 The t-shirts are classic, her eyes are straight from the Linville side, and I can’t wait to meet Natalie!!

  2. Ali Hinshaw says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! Those beautiful cheeks!! She is just an angel straight from heaven. You all look so wonderful & so happy. Oh you guys are in for the BEST ride EVER!!! Enjoy every single milla second! Hugs to you all & can’t wait to meet her.

  3. Susan says:

    Congratulations!! She’s beautiful! Merry Christmas to you all 🙂

  4. Stace says:

    YAY! I almost forgot about this website! I’ve been waiting to see pics of facebook, but they’re here! She is just perfect, you guys! You’re going to be the best parents ever (besides us, of course). Have fun on the journey, and get some rest! Congrats!

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