Kiss Me – I’m at least 7.8% Irish

Grandma and Grandpa visited this weekend – yeah!  That meant we were able to go out for our friend Aubrey’s 30th bday party.  Gotta love those trick candles – at least the rest of us did!

Happy birthday Aubrey! Not sure how much longer we can have a candle for each year...

Natalie also enjoyed reading with Grandma!  Please note the bib – Kiss Me; I’m Irish*.  As if we needed an excuse?

Wow, Grandma. How did the cow jump over the moon?

*At least 7.8% Irish.  Natalie’s great great grandpa (my dad’s grandpa) was all Irish, so she gets 1/16th there… and from Jordan’s side, she’s at least 1/64th (Mammaw’s maiden name is from O’Meara – Mammaw is Jordan’s grandmother, on his mom’s side).

And, we had our first visitors from Indy!  Natalie really enjoyed girls time with Jenny and Christie – Jordan’s friend’s from high school and our former roomies (Jenny lived with Jordan at Sutherland, the house Jordan rehabbed – and she lived there mid-rehab. God bless her.  Christie and I lived together our first year out of college.)

Daddy tells me that I'm not allowed to date Air Force guys...can you talk to him for me?

The view from up here is great! About 1/4 inch lower than when my Daddy holds me.

Thanks to everyone for coming to visit! Good times!

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  1. Awwww we loved our time with you guys – especially with Natalie. She’s so adorable. Thanks for calling Jordan out for hogging her so we could actually hold her while visiting, too. 🙂

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