Breaking in Auntie Becky

Until our nanny – my little cousin Rachel! – starts next week, other family members have been pitching in to watch Natalie.  Thankfully, Auntie Becky had wanted to come down for a visit anyways!

What?!? Oh no. RJ, stop sticking yourself out there so much. I'm used to being the star!

As you can tell from the above picture, Auntie Becky’s pregnancy is coming along well – she’s 24 weeks!  Our nickname for the baby is RJ – Rob Jr (Becky’s husband’s name is Rob). 

Okay, Auntie Becky, you're right. I can share you. As long as you PROMISE that RJ is as fun as you are!

After Auntie Becky & RJ left, Natalie sent some pictures and wrote the following email:

RJ –
Thanks for coming to visit me and sharing your mom with me.  You are welcome that I put her through the ringer today, with my difficulty napping this morning.  I’m just trying to break her in for you!  Keep up the good work kicking, and I cannot wait to meet you officially in Dec!
Natalie, aka The Big Cousin, aka The Boss of You

P.S. Give your mommy a hug for me!

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