It takes a village….

The Linville household is in a bit of chaos.  I’m typing from the floor of Natalie’s room, as she takes her nap and movers pack up our house.  I accepted a new job with Chicago Public Schools, which requires us to live within the City of Chicago, even though our condo in Evanston is only 2 miles north of the City.  Nevertheless, we are excited for this fun adventure.

Our move is coming on the tail of an extremely busy week, where I had 16+ hr days of training (a HUGE thanks to Nana and Pop for watching Natalie all week – and coming down to my hotel!), and we had a wedding in South Bend (a second thanks to Grandma and Aunt Lisa who came down to watch Natalie for her first night away from both parents).  Finally, a thanks to Jordan who played Mr. Mom as much as he could all week too.

Aw, Pop... you're a great walking buddy!



Grandma and Aunt Lisa, you're a HOOT!

The highlight of my week was when Pop, Nana, Natalie and Jordan stayed the night at the hotel.  Natalie and I had a morning work-out.

I feel so light!

On Sunday, our good friend Derek and his lovely girlfriend Erica (who is from Brazil), (also known as Dereca – think Brangelina) came up to Evanston to visit.  They were in from Washington DC.  Natalie had so much fun playing and bouncing.  It took about 10 tries to get this shot b/c Natalie was a blur of bounce on the Iphone!

Dancing yeah! Erica, can you show me some of your Brazilian dance moves?!?

In short, we are so lucky to have such a wondeful, supportive family.  THANK YOU!

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