Kisses, Grunts and Whistles

Natalie is learning new tricks everyday!  My fav are kisses – she gave me 2 over the weekend and 3 yesterday!  Her mouth is open and she leans forward – often ending on my lips!  I’m addicted. 

I'm a sweetie. No wonder I get so many hugs and kisses. I like to give them back too!

Natalie’s grunting has also increased exponentially, thanks to Connor, the little boy who is a month older than Natalie who we nanny share with.  He is adorable too.  More on Connor and Rachel (my cousin and their nanny – we are SO LUCKY!!!) soon… as soon as I can get Jordan to download the pics from the camera (okay, okay, I know I should learn this), since I don’t have an iPhone.  And, just today, Natalie’s been whistling.  I have no idea where she has learned this – maybe Rachel?  I also think its related to two teeth coming in on the top – imagine having so many new things popping up in your mouth.  Strange! 

These are leaves, not potato chips! I'm a healthy eater.

Also, we had a super fun time at the park with our friends, Molly, Megan and Jeff, who now live less than 1.5 miles away from us.  Yeah!  Megan is a super blogger – here’s the link to her blog post, complete with pics in Molly’s voice.


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