New Neighbors – Kinda

Nana and Pop came to visit this week – and look for a new apartment!  They found a great apartment in Gold Coast – its a 2 mile walk, 5 min car ride and 13 min train ride.  They will move up in April!

As you can probably guess, their primary motivation for a move is not the weather, low cost of living, or love for Chicago sports.  Their primary motivation is a bright-eyed, very vocal and increasingly mobile little girl… 

who likes to play dress up in Pop’s or Daddy’s hats (or, rather, they like to play dress up with her!)

Bonjour. Comment allez-vous? (Hello, how are you?)

 Who is fun to shop for… .

Buon San Valentino, Nana! (Happy Valentine's Day, Nana!)

And who is fun to dress! (She’s wearing a shirt that Nana bought!)

Besame Mucho (Kiss Me Again and Again)

Nana, Pop and I also witnessed Natalie’s first step!  Pop was encouraging her to walk from the ottaman (sp?) to him and she took a small step with one hand.

We’re happy to have new neighbors!  Especially neighbors who don’t mind lots of boggers, coughing and poopy diapers.


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