Hanging with the girls

Natalie loves of neighbor girls – Julia (entering 6th grade in the fall) and Caroline (entering 8th grade).  Their mom used to be a pastry chef and is a fabulous cook… and the girls are following in her footsteps.  They let Natalie sample a piece of their beach cake (aqua frosting with crumbled graham crackers for sand!  I’m totally stealing that idea).  Natalie opted for shoving it in her mouth, for fear of me taking away any more than I already had.

Meet my friends - Julia and Caroline! I think they might open up a cupcake shop one day. As Dora would say, Deliciouso!

For you foodies, their mom Katie writes an entertaining and yummy food blog, Pinch – www.katiefairbank.com.  Too bad I don’t really cook these days….


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