Happy Father’s Day to me!

Today was my third Father’s Day and Erin and Natalie both worked hard to make sure it was a great one for me.  And busy!  Here is the weekend run-down:

1. Saturday morning – brunch with our friends the “Van Hams” (Todd Van Horn, Heather Cunningham, and their 13 mos old Henry) plus special guest Craig Koester!   These are great Kellogg friends with whom we always have a blast.  Come back to Chicago, Craig!

Henry, I LOVE your worm sprinkler!

Craig! Try our new trick....whoa, wait a minute... coolest adult ever!

2. Saturday afternoon – We drive up to Gymboree in Old Orchard Mall to attend the 2 year old birthday party of twins who belong to one of Erin’s colleague’s, Krish.  Krish and his wife (also named Erin) have beautiful twins named Bella and Noah.  I had never been to Gymboree, but it was a blast!  And of course, Natalie was obsessed with the bubbles (her obsession is well documented – click here for video).   Happy birthday Bella and Noah!

Check out these skills, Daddy! Gymboree? More like Jamboree!

3. Saturday evening – After scarfing down dinner and watching a few episodes of Modern Family, we were all in bed early.

4. Sunday morning – We hit the road at 7:30am to head to the Indiana Dunes and meet our friends the Kennedys!  Karen and Sean are some of our closest friends (Karen actually introduced Erin and me at Notre Dame) and recently moved from Boston to South Bend.  They have three kids, Cormac (5), Delia (3) and Claire (10 mos).

The day started off pretty overcast, and in the driveway in South Bend, Cormac apparently said to Karen, “Mom, are you sure today is a good day to go to the beach?”  But by 11am it was beautiful!  We played soccer, jumped in the waves, built sand castles, etc.  Below are a bunch of pictures, and behind Sean, you can see one of of the most unique aspects of the beaches in Indiana: power plants.  That’s right.  Huge, smoke belching power plants in the distance…don’t drink the water, kids.

"I love your hat, Natalie!" "No, you stop. I love your hat, Claire!"

Nice smoke stacks, dude.

This beach was overflowing with babes.

Get in the water kids! Yep, I'm right behind you...

Cormac is five but definitely smarter than your average bear.  He has always been the kind of hilarious, unintentional one-liners that are usually a direct result of the wheels in his head turning so quickly.  Here are a few conversations I had with him:

  • Jordan: “What grade are you going to be in next year, Cormac?”
  • Cormac: “Kindergarten.”
  • Jordan: “Kindergarten is the best!”
  • Cormac: <long pause> “What’s the worst?”
  • Cormac: “Hey, Jordan!  Want to jump over waves?
  • Jordan: “Sure.”
  • Cormac: “Do you want to do American style or African style?”
  • Cormac: “Let’s dig a big hole in the middle of our soccer field so we know where to put the ball.”
  • Jordan: “Well, let’s not make it too big.  I don’t want to step in it and twist my ankle.”
  • Cormac: “Yeah, that’s why we need to make it REALLY big!  So you can see it.”

5. Sunday afternoon: When we got back from the beach, Natalie and Erin gave me my Father’s Day presents.  A wireless mouse, a cool new dress shirt, and a retro rain jacket.  Erin had hid the gifts around the house and Natalie was very helpful in looking for them.

We topped the day off with some Dairy Queen.  How could you ask for a better weekend than that?

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