Trip to Aunt Marilyn’s in Indianapolis

Apologies for the blog hiatus – this one is overdue.  On the weekend of Fourth of July, we drove down to Indianapolis to go to my Aunt Marilyn’s farm.  A little context first….

Every year growing up, Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Steve would throw a party on their farm in Noblesville and my entire Mom’s family would come. We’d play volleyball, ride horses, swim in the pool, roast a pig and cap it off with a hayride where my uncle would lift my 90 yr old Mammaw II into the wagon with some kind of bobcat bulldozer.  So pretty much, the best weekend of the summer for a kid. We stopped having them sometime in the mid-90’s, so bringing it back was a big deal.  Over 70 family members came in town for it!

Needless to say, it was an AWESOME weekend.  We were able to:

  • Stay with the Sterley family (Jasper and Nat had so much fun)
  • Play with the Davis family
  • Meet Ali Marten and see their awesome new house
  • FARM PARTY!  Meaning: swim, eat Indiana corn, make tie-dye tshirts, bounce in a moonwalk, and play with our cousins
  • Hang out with the Linville family at Grandpa and Grandma’s house and see our other cousins!
  • See the Bolings and meet a tall drink of water named baby Quincy

I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves, but needless to say, it’s always a little bittersweet to go to Indy and see so many great friends that we rarely get to spend time with.  And there were even more that we didn’t have a chance to see in the 48 hours there.

But the great news?  The Florida family came up, including Mammaw and Pappaw who are coming to Chicago for two weeks!  It will be great for Natalie to get to spend some time with her Mammaw and Pappaw.  And great for me!



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