Lake Geneva,Wisconsin – Happy 58th birthday Pop!

It’s the very end of September 2012, and at the very beginning of the month, we had a fantastic Labor Day weekend with Nana and Pop in Lake Geneva, WI.  It was actually in a small town called Fontana at the very west end of Geneva Lake which is smaller and less touristy.  Nana and Pop rented a 3 bedroom condo across from a shared pool and within walking distance to the beach – awesome!!!

The weather was a bit overcast, but we had a great time and didn’t get any rain.  Natalie really enjoyed playing hopscotch with Yot the Pot on the driveway

Yot, you are so good at this game!

This guy knows how to have a good time!!! Yeah!

And the pool right across the street provided was super convenient, and toasty warm.  We went there every day.


I feel right at home in the pool with Nana.

Strike a pose, Pop! This is your moment to shine.

Part of the weekend was to celebrate Pop’s birthday on Aug 29.  He is 58 years young!  Nana kept us very well fed all weekend, but one of the culinary highlights was the blueberry birthday pie (Pop always prefers pie to cake).  Natalie was a big help with both the pie and the candles!

I eat these blue berries for breakfast, so WHY won't they let me eat this pie for breakfast?

I'm not sure why you lit the pie on fire, but I will blow it out if you let me eat it.

Despite the beach requiring a steep admission charge – always annoying – it was a very nice beach.  There was a huge sand mound in the middle that Natalie really enjoyed.  Thanks for a great weekend, Pop and Nana!  We could definitely see ourselves back a Geneva Lake soon!

PS:  If you are wondering whether or not Dad really came on this trip, see the very last picture for the one that I made.  Yes!  No longer just the face behind the camera!


Hey Nana, can you see where Daddy is from up here?

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