Natalie’s preschool was supposed to open last Tuesday, Sept. 4 (right after Labor Day), but didn’t due to licensing issues with the State.  So, Jordan and I each took two of the four days this week for Mommy/Daughter or Daddy/Daughter days!  We had a great time!

Natalie took me to the Children’s Museum on both of my days.  I haven’t been there for a couple months, so it was fun to see her interact with the exhibits in a new way.  On the second day, she also wanted to do nearly all the same activities, in the same order.  Good memory!

Boo! You didn't expect to find me in this tent, did you?

 Natalie also had some serious water painting to do – on both days.  It was hard to pry her away from this exhibit.

I like to call this method... double-fisted

 We ended each day with more double-fisting… ensuring a stamp on each fist!  Natalie loved the pandas and robots.  Does anyone have a suggestion on where I can get some fun small stamps for her?  I’ve tried Amazon and Target, without any lucky.

Yeah, did you see my stamps? More, more!

Natalie also arranged a couple play dates for us.  I wasn’t able to get pictures of all our friends who were there – Henry, Anna, Taylor – but I did manage to catch some of Megan and Natalie running around.

(Molly's voice...) Excuse, me, Nat... but you're going a little to slow on this balance beam!


Hey Molly, wait up! We're supposed to go down together! Does all this speed happen when you turn 2?

Natalie decided to take her Dad to Mr. Singer at the zoo on both of his days too!  Natalie is still loving cows… I asked her, “What’s your favorite animal at the zoo?”  She answered, “cow poo.”  As you may recall from a few posts ago, seeing the cow poo has had a lasting effect on her. 

Um, are you sure we're supposed to be feeding the cows? What if they poop on me?


Feed the cows again, Dada! That was fun!

Although we’re eager for Natalie’s “school” to open, both Jordan and I had fabulous days with Natalie and wish those could happen more often.  Thankfully, until school opens, Nana and Pop are pitching in a lot (esp with short notice, given the teacher’s strike) and we found a SAHM (stay at home mom) from church with a son a little younger than Natalie who is helping too.  Three pics from their adventures this week:


Oh, Pop... you really like all kinds of fish, don't you?


Its okay, Mousey... no need to be scared. Nana said that all the fish at the Shedd are nice


Hugs! Thanks for sharing your super awesome car and tunnel with me, Frankie!

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