My Mama told me…

Natalie is brutally honest many times. For example…. Yesterday, when I left the dinner table for a moment to get something, she told me that she dipped her fork directly in the hummus instead of dipping vegetables (even though we say hummus is for dipping veggies).

Yet, “My Mama/Dada told me…” is an increasingly popular refrain these days… when she wants to get something from one of us. In the last 24 hours, I’ve supposedly told Natalie that she can:

  • Have her Daddy sleep with her
  • Wear her PJs to school
  • Not brush her teeth in the morning

Doesn’t that sound like the kind of lax, anything goes parent that you’d imagine I would be?

One thing I DID tell Natalie was that today is her Daddy’s 32nd birthday!! Happy Birthday to our amazing Daddy !!!


You say its your birthday!!!


Yes, you can have a birthday kiss… And not only bc I want you to share these cupcakes!

We also celebrated Mammaw and PAppaw’s 61st wedding anniversary! Congrats!


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