Happy 6 Months, E-Man!

Happy 6 Months, Elliott!!!!

Hey there.... I'm enjoying being the center of attention! Cheese!

I cannot believe Elliott is 6 months old!  I feel like we are definitely past the newborn stage and totally enjoying time with our son who has an incredibly sweet disposition!

Weight / Height. At his 6 mo appt (which was about a week late), Elliott measured 21 lbs, 4 oz (95th percentile), 28.75 inches (95th+ percentile) and head circumference of 18.25 inches (95th+ percentile).  So, he’s about the size of an average 9 or 10-mo old.  (No wonder my upper back and wrist/forearms ache when carrying him!) For comparison, at 6 months, Natalie was in the 33rd percentile for height (don’t have the exact inches in front of me) and 19 lbs, 5 oz (97th+ percentile).  I was 17 lbs, 11.5 oz and 25.75 inches.  Jordan was 21.5 lbs and 27 inches.

Disposition/Personality:  Elliott is THE BEST little baby.  He’s easy going, smiley and goes with the flow.  Sometimes, when we’re on a family outing, Jordan will jokingly say “Elliott, Behave!” after he’s been quietly cruising in the stroller for 30 minutes without so much of a peep.  He pretty much only gets fussy if he is having a bad teething day.  Other than that, as long as we honor his sleeping and eating schedule, this boy is as good as gold!

Oh mom... did you hear the Flamingos talk? They are hilarious!

Schedule: Elliott wakes up around 6:30 or 7am and goes to bed around 6 or 6:30pm.  He usually naps 3 times a day, for a total of about 3.5 hours (9 am, 12:30pm, and 4pm), though sometimes that last nap is missed if the 2nd nap starts later and is long.  He always eats after he wakes for the day or from the nap, as well as right before bed and one time around 2am.

Developmental Milestones: Elliott is loves to roll and tries desperately to crawl.  Although he’s not there yet, he can pivot and rotate, meaning he’s often at quite a different angle than I expect to be after leaving the room for a minute.  He is not a proficient sitter yet… but, let’s be honest, we probably haven’t given him as many opportunities to do so.  Elliott and I were rolling a ball back and forth with Natalie and Baby Ellie yesterday, and he was able to sit in the tripod pose for 10-15 sec or so.  Reading back on Natalie’s blog, she was sitting for a few minutes at a time by now (but couldn’t roll).

He is great at passing things between hands and can even put his paci in his mouth.  Everything is all about teething.  I think I spent $50 on teething remedies last week.

He has tried oatmeal baby cereal.  (No rice cereal for this guy, since I read about it being laced with arsenic a couple years ago.)  He is definitely confused and trying to figure out precisely what to do… but Elliott is so happy, its hard to even captured a confused look on his face.  The moment I say his name or take out a camera, he’s smiling.  Lucky for Elliott, I am much better at making baby cereal… somehow, Natalie’s managed to be crunchy the first time.  I must have bought the wrong stuff!

What IS this stuff? Please pass the milk instead....


Ooo... this gummy spoon feels awesome on my sore gums!

Favorite Activities: 1) Swinging at the park.  2) Gumming on anything and everything.  3) Watching his big sister – I think he was even laughing at her dancing the other day.  4) laying in her bouncy gym (especially “eating” the apple in it).  5) Rough housing with Dado.  6) Hearing me sing “Elliott Elliott Man” to the tune of Nacho Man.  7) Standing and Bouncing.  8) Playing the Sophie, Be Quiet Game with Dad.

Hey, I know you!

Favorite Places to Go: Anywhere!  Once again, he is so good!  He likes to go to the park, pick up Natalie at preschool and visit Nana, Pop, Alex, Jira and Clayton at their new house less than a half-mile away from us.  One of Natalie’s favorite places to go was her friend’s houses… he doesn’t really have a lot of friends his age yet.  Life more revolves around 2.75 year old Natalie and her friends.  However, I’m hoping to sign them up for a baby story time at the library, so he can interact more with his “peers”!

Where are those silly flamingos?


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