Fun with G&G

Jordan was in CA this past weekend, celebrating the wedding of a good friend from college.  With working full-time and Elliott still nursing 5+ times a day, I opted out of the trip.  And, Grandma and Grandpa came down to help out.

Natalie awoke Fri morning, calling “Grandma”.  She seemed to know that Grandma was coming after Dad left and that Dad would be gone, but exactly what tomorrow vs. Saturday vs. another day means… we’re still working on it.  We then called Grandma to tell her we couldn’t way to see her.  Natalie asked Grandma to say “hi” to every one of her “friends” who sleep in her bed.  She would hold up the phone and would expect Grandma to know which friend she was referring to.  (We’re also still working on the concept that Grandma doesn’t have a smart phone.)  Grandma only seems to be a morning person when it has anything to do with Natalie, Trevor or Elliott, so she cheerfully greeted Natalie’s friends for about 4 min at 7a.m.

Elliott has had the sniffles, so his morning naps were long.  The only thing we really had time for outside of the house on Saturday was a picnic in the park.


Mom, why is Elliott wearing my pink Elmo bib??

Natalie loves playing hide and seek in the park.  Elliott had a grand time too.  (Note: this morning, I awoke to Elliott pulling his leopard onesie over his face as a greeting to me and shrieking with joy as I pulled it off.)


Whoa!  How’d you find us?

On Sun, we ventured out to the zoo – one of Grandma’s favorites.  Natalie has been resisting picture taking lately, but my trick to have Grandpa take a pic of just Grandma, Elliott and me brought her in for a fast cuddle.  Granted, its not a smiling picture, but I’ll take a cuddle!


Hey Grandpa, you should get in on this picture with all of our favorite girls!


Mom, enough picture taking – I need you to hold onto me.  This zebra is high!

I got more QT with Elliott than I have had since my maternity leave… which means that Natalie was constantly busy with Grandma.  At one point, she asked me to give her and Grandma “a little privacy please”.  Ouch.  Jordan sometimes gets this, but I don’t.  Miss Independent (or perhaps, Miss Dependent-on-Grandma).  At one point, Grandma went over to look at Elliott and Natalie asked where she went.  Grandma explained that she was coming back and Natalie said… “you were looking at Elliott!” As if she caught her doing something she shouldn’t have.


Quick – take our pic before my sister sees!  P.S. Go Pack!

We are so blessed to have my parents close and more than happy to help out at any time.  Unfortunately, they were rear-ended on the way down here (luckily, everyone is okay – if not the bumper and it was 2 miles from our house, which means they couldn’t turn around).  Although my Dad would probably bypass the City of Chicago for the rest of his life, we have 2 cuties that keep them coming back!

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