Natalie, Elliott and I met Nana, Pop, Mammaw and Pappaw at the Farm Zoo this morning. Natalie showed everyone around the farm zoo – the cows, pig, ponies, barn, tractor, chicks, owl and rabbit. We saw many different types of poop (always interesting). Mammaw and Pappaw get around incredibly well and we feel lucky that we were able to spend such a nice morning with them. It’s also great to have many adults available to help carry Elliott, who is increasingly curious, wiggly and heavy.

I don’t have a picture of this, but Elliott’s favorite animals were the baby chicks. Mammaw discovered that if you went to the side of the casing, you could get a really close look at the chicks. I put Elliott right up there, and he was grabbing for them and pumping his arms. Four little chicks lined up to see Elliott too. It was really adorable.

Photo credits: Poo and Nana

Just your standard tractor ride through the City

Ride ’em Cowboy!

Whoa. Those cows are aggressive!

Just your standard 10:55am lunch!

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