Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!  Chicago’s Halloween was a wet one this year.  Growing up, I remember occasional snow in WI, and I have to admit – I think I prefer snow to rain.  Nonetheless, Dora the Explorer had a fabulous time!  Her sidekick, Boots the Monkey, was less enthralled with Halloween – at 6pm, I was literally running home, pushing the double stroller, as he was a little wet, somewhat hungry and very tired.  He was in a good mood before we left though!


Dora’s purple backpack is one of her most distinguishing features….


And, for those who aren’t sure who Dora and Boots are, here’s the “real” dynamic duo….

Natalie chose Dora – first, she wanted to be a blue (her favorite color) Dora.  She clearly doesn’t quite have the haircut to go with Dora, but she won’t even wear barrettes in her hair, so I wasn’t going to spend money on a wig!  Natalie and Elliott adore each other, as do Dora and Boots, so it was a prefect match.  Plus, we were hoping that having Boots the Monkey close by would help people recognize Natalie as Dora.  Yet, when I sent out Happy Halloween texts tonight, Elliott was mistaken for a hippo by Aunt Leah!  Natalie promptly FaceTime’d her to correct her – and scare her with a scary growl.


The prior weekend, E-man was also a giraffe at a church Halloween party (Thanks Trevor!)  Some giraffes munch on leaves…. Elliott preferred to devour his book.  (I think tooth #3 is coming in.)


We were super proud of Natalie.  I told her in advance that she could have two treats today – she ate them nearly immediately and didn’t ask for any more.  In fact, after each treat she got, she said, “I promise I won’t eat it.  I’ll safe it for tomorrow.”  (Tomorrow just means ‘later’ in her book – not today, maybe legitimately tomorrow, but often next week.)  She always said “trick or treat” and “thank you”.  She didn’t whine about being wet and was “brave” even though it was really crowded.

We also stopped by Nana’s and Pop’s house – they are in a hot spot for trick-or-treating (we actually went to that street last year, before they even considered moving there).  The pictures with Nana, Clayton and Jira are on a different camera, so sorry not to include them here.  We’re looking forward to when Jira and Elliott can toddle along with Natalie next year…. and hoping to maybe do Halloween in Green Bay in 2 years, since it will be on a Saturday and that was one of our fav holidays growing up.  We’d love to join Trevor and his little brother/sister (due date next April, I believe!)

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