Merry Christmas!


Yummy dinner at Grandma’s!  Why don’t we have this messy spaghetti every night?

Merry Christmas!

We are feeling especially blessed this Christmas!  A few cute stories….

On the way to church this morning, Trevor borrowed Elliott’s new bigger car seat (while Elliott slept at home), so he and Natalie kept each other company.  After a couple minutes, Natalie’s voice raised… “Mom, I keep asking Trevor if he has two teeth and he isn’t answering me!”  I encouraged her to ask him again (silence – he was kinda tired).  I helped and asked Trevor…. “Do you have more than 2 teeth?”  We hear a really quick “Mmm hmmm.” 

Then, at church, Natalie borrowed Grandma’s checkbook so that… “I need to write a Jesus a letter so that he knows how much we love him.” 

Later, she kept digging in Grandma’s purse and found her driver’s license. Natalie pointed to Grandma’s driver’s license and said…. “Aw, how cute”.  (That may have been the only time in the history of driver’s licenses that one was called ‘cute’).

After mass, Natalie and Trevor wanted to see the nativity.  After a quick reminder from me, she proceeded to tell Trevor (and anyone else around)…. “Here is Jesus’s mother, here is Jesus’s daddy, there is the shepherd boy who takes care of the lambs…. There is the lamb, and the horse and the cow.  Jesus’s mother is crossing her arms because she would like some bread.”  After at least 8 min of holding Trevor’s hand, Natalie explained that her hand was tired and needed to let go.

Both kids were a dream at church.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that Natalie’s new favorite place at church is the front row.  She listens and pipes up during readings… (e.g. when a disciple addresses a group of brothers and sisters, she says “I’m a sister!” and when she hears about a descendent of David, she recalls, “like David and Goliath”.)

A lot of activity just at church.  Well, opening presents was pretty chaotic – we might need to put a limit on this!  Elliott rolled with the punches… he loved the big box from Trevor’s vacumm cleaner, bows, wrapping paper, a little bear, etc.  You name it, he grinned – and usually tried to bite it.  Including my earrings.  I had to take those off. 


Let’s do this one next! 


What?  Haven’t you ever seen a lady in a party dress with a drill?

As Natalie was just 6 days old and 8 lbs her Christmas, its hard to believe that this is 9-mo-old, 24-lb Elliott’s first Christmas.  I agree with his shirt – he really is the best gift ever.


We missed Aunt Leah – we were able to FaceTime with her (after it was already past nap time though so it was kinda short).  They had spent a few days at a remote cabin…. She was concerned that Santa might not be able to find them.  I told her that was a silly concern – they were practically neighbors.  (Never mind the fact that compared to Lincoln Park in Chicago, she already lives in a remote cabin.)

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