We had a family outing to the doctor’s for Natalie’s 3-yr-old and Elliott’s 9-mo-old check-ups on Tuesday.  I LOVED having Jordan’s help! (I wish every Tues was a family vacation day.)  Between ear aches, coughs, wheezing and potty training challenges, we’ve literally been running to the doc at least weekly.

Natalie is 34 lbs (75th percentile) and 37.25 inches (50th percentile), which is about 2 lbs and 2 inches more than her 2.5 year check-up and the exact same percentiles.  They also checked her blood pressure (80/40).  Natalie, of course, loved the full work-up because she LOVES going to the doc’s office.  She even wanted to get shots b/c Elliott was.  We compromised and she just got bandaids instead.

Elliott is 22 lbs, 12 oz (90-95th percentile) and 29 inches (85th percentile – though I think she was short changing him on this one).  His head circumference is 18 and 7/8 (greater than 98th percentile).  He’s obviously going to be brilliant…. and/or need large baseball hats, like his Dad.

We took some family photos in Green Bay – the whole episode was a little chaotic, but here’s a pic I got as a preview.  Worth it!  (Natalie is holding a tiny “Erin magnet” in her hand, which she found at Grandma’s… she just loves her little treasures.)


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