Happy 1st Birthday, E-man!

Happy 1st Birthday, Elliott!!!  (This is also our 400th post!) This little guy is totally awesome.  We are so extremely lucky to have him in our lives, and of course, I cannot believe its been a year!  He approaches everyday with joy, curiosity and love!

Boy, this is an exhausting day

Mom, I've got things to do.... enough with these pics!

Weight: 24 lbs, 14 oz (90-95th percentile)
Height: 31 inches (75th-90th percentile)
Head Circumference: (98th+ percentile)

Nicknames: E-Man, E-Buddy, Chunk Heavy, Ellio (Eee-Lee-Oh), Little Boo-dee, Bro, Chub Chub (I asked Jordan not to call him that in front of Natalie)

Personality: Joyful.  Smiley.  Enthusiastic.  Curious. Eager.  Independent.  Agreeable.

It's never too early to start tickling those ivories

Favorite Item: Leopard Lovey.  For some reason, he likes it more than the robot (RoRo) lovey that Natalie gave him.  Earlier this week, Natalie kindly found his Leopard (twice) and he was so appreciative.  She was very happy to be such a good big sister.  When he sees Leopard after not seeing him for awhile, he opens his mouth and gnaws all over it.

Favorite Activities:  Music (specifically, his sister’s guitar, music class and “wheels on the bus” sung by Mama), Digging through the toy shelf, Playing with his sister’s things (esp. her Tinkerbell music box and guitar) Dancing (even if music isn’t playing),  Clapping, Crawling, Pulling up on furniture and people, Taking Baths (with much splashing), “Chasing” anyone up or down the stairs, Playing “Peek a Boo”, Sneezing (always produces a big smile).   (He shows no interest in “walking” with assistance from an adult and is really hard to read too, though I keep on trying)

What? I'm not supposed to eat the paint?

Daddy’s Top Activity:   <Will fill in soon>

Not a bad place to take a snooze...

Mommy’s Top Activity: My favorite thing is just seeing Elliott smile and clap.  I like when Elliott initiates a game of peek-a-boo behind a door.  He’ll close the door, open it, flash a big smile and close the door again. You can always hear the scurrying behind the door, as he figures out how to move his legs enough to get the door open.  Sometimes, he is sitting, sometimes he is standing.  Often, he accidentally closes the door too much and I have to figure out how to open it up again, without knocking him over.  Also, its super adorable to see him brush his teeth.  He wiggles his toothbrush back and forth, like how you would if you were revving up a motorcycle.

Never miss a chance to hug your Mommy

Least Favorite Activities: Being on the diaper changing table (so squirmy).  (This past week, he’s also taken too whining if he isn’t picked up, which isn’t a fav of mine.  I’m hoping that he can adjust back to fewer adults around at any given time – it can be tough getting over vaca)

Milestones: Clapping, Crawling, Pulling himself to standing, Smiling

Big sis, where should we row this boat to?

Super Cute Things: Just started to wave good-bye (waved good-bye nanny the other day, with the backward hand – love it), Clapping at almost everything  When he is really excited about something, he beats on your chest.  I swear I have some bruising.  I also get kisses!!

Less Cute Things: Biting. 🙁  Not sure why.  I don’t think he does it when he is upset.  But his teeth have sunk into me a few times.  He also likes to play with the knobs on the stove, so we’re practicing the really simple word – NO – a lot.

Favorite Foods: Fruit – especially blueberries, bananas and strawberries.  O’s.  Peas.  Bread.  (He doesn’t seem to like sweet potatoes fries.)  As pictures would indicate, he doesn’t miss a meal.

Favorite Books: The “lift the flap” books.  His fav is a valentine’s day one from Grandma.  As I mentioned though, Elliott is much more into eating, throwing and aggressively flipping through books, as opposed to reading.

How we Celebrated: We had a great birthday bash in Florida, with Kathy’s side of the family.  Elliott LOVED being the center of attention.

We feel so blessed to have this little boody in our lives!

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