Sapphire II’s Learning Hero, Natalie

Natalie was this week’s learning hero at her preschool…. they wrote:

Sapphire II learning hero of 
the week is Natalie. She is 
always a team player and the 
class cheerleader in all 
activities. She is great at 
encouraging her friends to 
participate, using her words 
to ask thought provoking 
questions, and she spreads an 
all around positive attitude 
among her classmates. 
Thanks for the smiles, Natalie!
I read her this and she was very happy/proud.  I then said… “I emailed this to Aunt Becky, Aunt Leah, Grandma, Nana and Pop.”  Without missing a beat, she asked, “What about Grandpa?”  I then explained that Grandpa doesn’t really email but that I could have Grandma print it to show it to him.  She really liked that idea.
Too cute!
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