1, 2, 3, 4 and 7

The Kennedy Clan visited us from South Bend this weekend and our friend Vanessa who lives downtown joined us too – yay!  A big thanks to Jordan’s parents for hosting a  yummy dinner at their house and the Kennedy’s overnight.  (We’ve never tried sleeping 9 people in our 1000 sq ft condo – it probably could have worked, but I think everyone slept better with the extra space.)  Speaking of sleep, I begin typing this as Jordan, Natalie and Elliott are 2+ hours into their recovery naps.  (I just woke up myself).  In 27 hours, the combination of us made 17 trips to the park, 6 trips to the zoo, 2 trips to a museum, 11 trips to a BBQ (Jordan had 3 under his belt), 6 trips to Starbucks, 1 magic show and a few games of dress-up.  Whew.  These kids – ages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 – are busy ones!

Thanks for an awesome visit, Kennedys!  A big shout out to Clare, age 2, for keeping me in the know with what my kids are up to – she told her dad who told me where Elliott was and also told me when Natalie had a little #2 in her pants (AH – suggestions here?!?!  I’m tired of the lax commitment on her part – I just bribed her with “7 days of always going #2 in the toilet = 1 princess costume from the Disney store”.  I hope it works, for many reasons.)

Here are a few of the highlights caught on my phone (Thanks for the awesome visit!):







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