Aunt Leah, Daddy-Daughter Date, and BFF

This is a hodge podge post.  Since I cannot post from my phone anymore, I have to take advantage when I have a bit of spare time in the evening.

Auntie Leah came to visit Chicago, at the end of her 2 week visit to the Midwest!  The kids had a blast – Leah does aunty-ing well.  Super high energy all the time – she needed her own nap!

This is my auntie.... 🙂

On Monday, Natalie took to the Shedd.  They were too busy checking out the dolphins and fish to take pictures.  Leah – the bio major – really geeked out on the freshwater fish session between hours 3 & 4, but Nat was exhausted, so she protested by sitting cross-legged on the floor.  Every the determined fishery specialist, Leah somehow made it into a fun game running around, carrying Natalie, so Leah got to see a bit, she claims.

The 4 of us went to the Children’s Museum.  After lunch, we got fancy with the camera….

As Leah said... no double chins, with this angle!

Then, totally separate…. the next week, Daddy invited Natalie on a father-daughter date (on one of my days home with both kids).  They were rather trying the entire morning, so I was happy to have an hour to myself to pick up the house… though maybe just a bit jealous of Jordan’s solo time with one kiddo, drinking hot chocolate and reading stories at Starbucks.  Nat was thrilled at just the idea of a date with her Dad – so hot chocolate took it from a 10 to an 11!

Off to our day date!

And Natalie’s best friend Ellie – who is almost 2 – wanted to say “hi” to the Linville USA fan club too.

Have you met my BFF, Ellie? She's almost 2!



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