Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Cutest Leprechauns in Massachusetts

Cutest Leprechauns in Massachusetts

Happy belated St. Patrick’s day!  The kids were excited to learn that they are Irish… even though Elliott walked into a neighbor’s house on St. Pat’s day (where corned beef and cabbage were cooking), plugged his nose immediately and said “What’s that smell?”

Holyoke has deep Irish roots so the crowds come out for St. Patrick’s Day.  This was our family’s 2nd year running in the St. Patty’s day race.  Luckily, the crews did an excellent job clearing the streets from Tuesday’s snowstorm!

The kids race is probably the length of a short street.  The kids are awarded with a t-shirt and cookie at the end – the cookie being the primary motivation for this crew!

I was lucky to run with Elliott.  Last year, he wanted to hold my hand the whole way.  This year, he didn’t want to – as he needed his hands free (underneath his gloves) to have all fingers pressed together.  That’s alison’s classic fast-running-superhero pose, so Elliott has adopted it as the Flash pose.  He was running so hard….


Three seconds after this photo, he started walking.  We were like 30 feet shy of the finish line.  I was trying to explain but he just said his heart was pounding so fast.  But then, he caught sight of the finish line… and shouted, “I so close!” and took off again.


There were many other festivities as well, including tons of free samples (hot chocolate and french toast flavored kettle corn!).  But, the men in blue were Elliott’s fav – and I’m pretty sure he added a bit of Irish delight to their day as well.



Jordan and I surprisingly (or at least surprisingly in my case, since I trained less and didn’t want to hurt as much during and after the race as I did last year) beat our times… he ran about 44:30 and I ran around 46:30 (which is 7:30 per mile).  Not bad for 35!

IMG_1974 IMG_1975

And a huge thanks to Alison who watched the kids at the Holyoke children’s museum while we raced… despite having had her own St. Patty’s celebration the night before.  Thanks Lala!

IMG_1976 IMG_1977



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