Loving Mrs. B

Natalie had the most amazing parent-teacher conference.  Seriously, it must only be downhill from here.  She is blessed with an amazingly caring and conscientious teacher Mrs. Brydges.  Here’s the hug from the conference:

Mrs. B

Mrs. Brydges and Natalie walked us through her school portfolio, which showed how her pictures, letters, numbers, writing, etc. improved since the beginning of the school year!  She said Natalie obviously shows a talent and interest in writing, but has done so good with numbers.  Earlier in the year, she would get stuck on the teens and now she can write and count up to 100!  She was one of the few students to know all word wall words (there’s about a new one every week).  She also is a good listener and is branching out to make new friends.  She is kind about letting others join in on her play.  We are so proud of her!

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