Day 1. Chi town 

At Alex and jira’s suggestion, we headed to the bubble fountain at navy pier. The grown ups liked it as much as the kids. 

We needed a rinse-off in the awesome new water fountain. Elliott kept teasing me – coming over to get me wet. Natalie used Jordan as a towel too. 

One of Natalie’s “must do’s” in Chicago was Potbelly’s. According to Natalie the one in Prentice hospital wasn’t as good as the one in Lincoln Park. Maybe it was the ambiance. Or the fact that it’s tough to eat sandwiches with four missing teeth!!

Afterwards Elliott wanted to stop at Trader Joe’s for O’s. He entered saying I recognize this place. Then he was thrilled to see the small grocery cart and was happy to try all the samples.  Grape juice was the only one he really liked. 

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