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Becky, my Mom and I are here for a girls weekend trip. We miss Leah who is thousands of miles away in the arctic circle. Jordan was here for work so I drove down with the kids too and they joined for <24 hours of the trip too. I told the kids my friends from college were visiting so they were literally in shock when they saw Aunt Becky and Grandma in our hotel lobby. 

Fun Aunt Becky taught Elliott an add-on to paper rock scissors. Bulldozer and bitterly too. 

Our very own superhero held up the Statuenof Liberty in his palm. Aided by the fact that Brainac used his shrink ray on the monument. 

Proud to be raising two feminists – as jordan says, Ournoldest is equally defiant. 

We tried to explain 9-11 in kids terms. They asked a lot of good questions. Hard to share that part of our nations history with them. 

Sat am included a quick trip to the plaza hotel and Central Park. 

Then Jordan and the kids left. (Roro was left  in my purse – oh no!). We biked our way through Central Park and to Toms Restaurant (Seinfeld), per Beckys suggestion. Great way to see the City!!

Props to Mom and Becky for great taglines here: 

“Walking in NY… yada yada yada…. went to Toms Diner”

“Biking to school, just like the good ol’ days” (in front of Columbia Univ instead of Mac Arthur Elementary!)

We also went to a Times Square around 10pm. What a site. Now we are off to explore Midtown and hopefully go to mass. I appreciate that Becky and Mom took two flights to be here, that Becky left her three adorable kids and that Rob watched her three adorable kids!

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