First Day of School

PreK which is different from preschool (that’s for 3 year olds says Elliott, even though he is in a Montessori program that spans many ages) he was also surprised to hear that PreK is a nickname for Pre-Kindergarten!

Natalie is in first grade!!  She reports 1st grade is “awesome” but so far not that hard.  I’m hoping she comes how with less coloring worksheets soon. It’s driving me nuts! This girl can do more!

On Day 2 she was a little bummed that she wanted to be friends with a girl who seemed more interested in being friends with someone else.  By Day 5 She also kinda shyly told me she is the most popular girl in her class but that another girl is the most popular girls in 1st grade. I asked how she knew and she said that people want to sit by her at lunch and are bummed when they cannot. She shrugged her shoulders. Things change quickly in grade 1! 

She was happy to connect with a friend from last year after school too. 

They are growing so fast!!! Here’s a pic from 2 years ago!!

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