New England Bucket List…

The Big E is a western Mass tradition. The horror stories about 1-hour traffic jams for a place 3 miles away from our house deterred us last year. This year we went on a Thurs (abandoned the morning attempt after the traffic jam began at the end of the street) and the kids loved it. 

Elliott doing sign language to me during a ride – the message was I Think you are wonderful! 🙂

A grandpa type won a huge puppy and randomly gave it to Elliott. It was right after E was turned away for being too short to go on a ride. He’s been smiling for days. (Nat was a bit jealous but has adopted the puppy too)

Aw man. Looking like she’s about to hurl. 

Who would have guessed we could spend 40 min at Vitamix display? Perfect since jordan had to hop on a conference call and it was my first day off crutches after a sprain. 

My only ride. I felt worse than E looks!

Natalie’s most important ride to go on was the Ferris wheel. Thank goodness she decided against the 100 foot drop one. Elliott’s was bumper cars. He was just tal enough for most rides at 42.5 inches – with his shoes on. 

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