GB time

All 3 sisters – and their spouses, kids and pet-kid – were together in Green Bay for Thanksgiving and Leah’s bday (okay an early celebration).


– a yummy thanksgiving dinner that I didn’t help out with at all (thanks Rob for everything except Beckys sweet potatoes)

– a thanksgiving hike behind Becky’s house


– a trampoline park

– a lot of Scrabble – we are turning Natalie into a protege!

– just playing around the house

– sisters dinner out (thanks G and G for babysitting!!)

– picking up Trev at school (what a hug!!)

– finally getting a hug from Kenzie!


(Grandpa learning what is on Elliott’s wish list -I’m saying no to the full size $300 robot!)


(What a treat to be a Sah-aunt for an afternoon pick-up! Becky says I’m hired as their nanny!)


(Natalie discovered my 10-year collection of 30+ Precious Moments!)

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