1 month. Jan 7

Conor is 12 lbs 4 oz meaning he has gained nearly 2 lbs. the 0-3 clothes are feeling snug!  Wearer troducing some 3-6 mo into the mix. he is 95th percentile for height and weight and 98th for head circumference. As babies,  Nat was similar for weight but around avg for height and head Elliott was similar for weight but around 75th for height and off the charts for head



He is waking up twice a night. He has some reflux. He is an absolute gem in the morning. He loves the black and white pictures and our faces. He likes being sung to. Head shoulders knees and toes is a fav song he loves napping in his swing with the hair dryer on. Evening is definitely a fussy time. I’m trying to eliminate eggs dairy nuts wheat and fish to see which of those bothers him the most. Elliott likes to do a secret hand shake with him (Conor grasping his pinkie). Nat is a little sick and totally missing holding him and over-kissing his fluffy cheeks. His cheeks are his most distinguishing feature. They are the stuff that doctors and teachers talk about! We are lucky to have this little boy. (But whoa – this is a lot of work!! I’m glad we are one month in!)


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