Happy Father’s Day

We’re spreading out the Father’s Day celebration.  We started last week with a trip to Collin’s Creamery, Jordan’s favorite local ice cream store.  You can literally see (and smell) the cows.  We came home with some extra pints.

On actual Father’s Day, Elliott had his final lacrosse game.  (Side note – he loves the gear and even wore his cup all day today… but he doesn’t so much love the game itself.  He is known for flashing me an “I love you sign” from the field, dragging his lacrosse stick on the ground and not hustling.)  I watched the first half, and then traded out with Natalie and Jordan for the second half.  The 3 of them went to church while I stayed home with a napping Conor.  (His name is right in the middle of family mass, which is by far the best mass to attend.)

Back at home, the kids gave him super thoughtful gifts.  Natalie had a booklet about him.  Elliott made them a picture of them together – and a matching Elvis t-shirt.  (Note to Jordan – insert picture from your phone when you read this!)  We also made him Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs envelopes with special messages inside for him to read each day he is gone.  (Unf, he forgot them on the coffee table, under a bag…. so I will just send him pics of what we sent him, which doesn’t seem nearly as fun.)

Shortly after my trip to the grocery store and a very transactional lunch, he headed to the Boston airport.  I will pretend I didn’t call him 3 hours later to get advice on a clash I was having with Natalie.

The part I’m looking the most forward to… is next Thursday, a date bike ride to Powder Brewery in CT.  Let’s hope for no rain.  I think we deserve it.

This afternoon, the kids and I made fluffy slime.  I’m getting better.  The slime I made with my mentee in Holyoke was way messier (same recipe).  We made some pictures.  Tonight, we read Star Wars.  I appreciate how Natalie listens to Elliott’s book choices and often, even if its not her top choice, she’ll get into them.  She even kept reading to Elliott while I sent downstairs to get some cookies out of the oven (for teachers and buddy appreciation since its the last week of school).

Conor had a terrible sleep day today – a couple times, he had poo in his diaper, which he hates.  And he also has learned to wiggle his way around in the crib a bit, either getting stuck on his side or perpendicular on the crib.  So, he had 4 naps – which meant he was still up for all of story time and cuddle time.  Cuddling with Conor and each kid was hilarious and fun though.  He was moving around SO MUCH.  He has a way of just inching his body different places and/or falling forward.  So, I was laying down with Conor propped up facing me, his back on my thighs.  He lunged at Elliott, pawing all over his face and even getting his fingers up Elliott’s nostrils.  (E found this hilarious of course.)  Similar situation with Natalie, although Natalie’s beautiful hair is tantalizing.  He grabbed a couple fists of it and tried to gum / eat it.  Natalie was just giggling.  True love.  She lets Conor get away with a lot more than she would let any of us get away with!

Okay, its 9:38pm and I still hear rustling upstairs. Ugh.  We’re having so many problems with Natalie going to bed at a reasonable hour.  Time to investigate.

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