Conor – happy 6.5 months!

So, I’m two weeks late in Conor’s 6-month update.   Right before his half-birthday, we rented a cabin for two nights to get away over the 4th and then on his actual half-birthday, we went on a super long hike.  (Thank goodness our friend Todd from CA was with us – it was a 3-adult job!)

Weight: TBD – likely 23 – 24 lbs

Milestones:  Broke one tooth on the same day that Elliott lost his tooth!  (Reminds me of a Junie B. Jones book about the same situation, where she believes her younger brother gets her tooth via the Tooth Fairy)  Then the second one popped up with JNE left for their trip.

No crawling yet, though active tummy kicking.

Eating: Started with oats with breast milk.  Needed to quickly move onto sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans due to the road trip.  No shocker – he eats a lot of it!

Favorite song: Conor Conor bo Bonor, Banana fanana bo Bonor.  Fee fi fo Monor.  Conor.  And… “Shh… Shaking it fast”, Itsy Bitsy Spider (if sung by Natalie who happens to have a beautiful voice IMO)

Nicknames: “My favorite little buddy boy” (from Natalie), Big Papa (adopted by me from a song Jordan sings), Chunk Chunk

Favorite Things: Natalie (she is her #1 protector), Elliott (loves watching him do moves), bouncer, Foxy (a little mitten with a rubber end that Nana gave him), The Hungry Caterpillar soft book with rings (from JAC)

Yum… green beans

See my two teeth!

See my big brother’s missing tooth!

Happy half-birthday to me!

All good (half) birthdays include a nap, right!?!

Ah! Coming at you!

Hanging out on my Grandma Jean blanket (a tradition since Rachel was a baby 30 years ago) waiting for our Flamingo to start

Whoa – what’s happening!?!

Oh yeah…. loving my big sister and this bell rattle toy

happy baby pose with my big bro

Time with Mom at the Park… missing JNE. (Don’t forget to check out my chunky thighs!!)

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