Day 39 – Elliott’s opinion writing

The Best Sweet Treat 

What is your favorite type of chocolate?  My favorite type of chocolate is King Size Hershey Bars.

One reason is they have a lot of chocolate.  Some can even be made of peanut butter.

Another reason is they are super big.  Normal Hershey bars are as big as a LEGO person, and King size Hershey bars are two LEGO people wide and three LEGO people long.

My final reason is King Size Hershey Bars have rectangles that are stuck together so you can rip them apart in perfect rectangles to have different numbers of chocolate rectangles.

Don’t King Size Hershey Bars sound delicious?  Isn’t it cool how they have a lot of chocolate, they are big and you can rip them into pieces?  If you think this sounds like a delicious sweet treat, try going to the grocery store after COVID is over! 

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