Honoring MLK day

On our way to get COVID tests this morning, since we just got back from traveling, I heard about a poetry challenge on NPR, based on the Langston Hughes poem that inspired Dr. King’s I have a dream speech.
I talked about it with the kids today… here’s what we came up with.  I think you can still contribute too!

I dream a world of peace, not a world of war.

A world of peace mountain high,
down to the deepest ocean blue.

And hopefully people will see too,
we can all get a long,
a world where we will right our wrongs.

Sun and moon gaze down on a practically perfect early,
a world where no fighting can be heard.

Love drives out hate, and enemies can become friends.
Oh I hope this world, oh I hope this world, will never ever end.

Elliott had a line he’d like to contribute:
I dream a world where the sun gazes down on a perfect earth, where no troubles exist.
So did I….
I dream a world where a different opinion is a starting point for a conversation, rather than the end.
I dream a world where being a leader means lifting someone up, not tearing them down.
I dream a world where we eliminate the racist not racist binary, thus allowing us to confront our bias.
I dream a world where systemic racism becomes more visible to white people too.
I dream a world where the coronavirus is controlled and our children can learn and play again.
I dream a world where the terrors of day and night subside.
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