Happy (belated) 2-month, Natalie!

Natalie’s 2-month “birthday” was on Sat, Feb. 19.  We’re a little late with the post because she has been fussy this week – she seems not to be sleeping enough during the day.  She’s tough to get to sleep, won’t sleep well in her crib or swing or bouncey seat and often wakes up after 15 min. – usually b/c she needs to burp but needs help.  Any suggestions?

Anyways, back to the 2-month update:

Weight / Height: 13 lbs, 1 oz (95th percentile – up from 85th percentile at her 1-mo appt when she was 10 lbs, 13 oz) / 23 inches (76th percentile).  She is wearing some 6-9 month onesies, but the rest of her clothes are mostly 3-6 mo!

Is it just me, or is this chair getting smaller???

Who does she look like? Still looks like Jordan – In addition to the cheeks, her eyes esp. look like Jordan when she smiles big.  (Note by Jordan: this is Erin’s nice way of saying “squinty.”)
Personality: Sweet, Personable
Favorite Food: Mom’s Milk – at least 8 times a day. But, we’re still struggling a little through the bottle thing – suggestions? It worked a little better last night when I left the room, but it is still pretty frantic.  After getting her 2-month vaccinations, she also got grape-flavored Tylenol, which she just loved.
Favorite Toys / Games: Playing “I’ve got your (belly / nose / etc)”, “Talking” to her favorite people, Standing, Kicking her legs (which my Dad calls Exercising), Following a soft cube with her eyes, Reading board books (especially those that have a simple picture that significantly contrasts from the page – her Auntie Becky recently gave her some that are a hit!).  Although the black and white shapes (courtesy of our friend Molly) which are posted all around our house are less captivating than they once were
Big Accomplishments: On Feb 16, she slept through the night and has continued to do so almost every night!  She smiles A LOT too, which is super gratifying and fun.  She is lifting her head up higher during tummy time too.
Funniest Moment: We temporarily moved her diaper changing pad into our bedroom b/c we had guests.  She caught Dad with her pants down and shot runny, explosive poop everywhere.  Amazingly, it all escaped her little outfit – but my jewelry box was in the direct line of fire.  Fortunately, it was closed!

Thanks for reading our blog!  Remember, please send your naptime and bottle suggestions our way!!!


I'm just getting into position for my morning pushups


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3 Responses to Happy (belated) 2-month, Natalie!

  1. Karen Kennedy says:

    I love this last picture!! Hooray for nighttime sleep for everyone! I just emailed you some ideas, take them or leave them.

  2. Megan says:

    Hey! For naps, have you tried swaddling her in a miracle blanket? Molly LOVED that (and we still swaddle her for naps sometimes). Molly likes it pretty dark, too.

  3. Naptime + bottle suggestions = whiskey. For both.

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